How to Reveg Cannabis After Harvest | Revegging Your Cannabis Plant Tutorial

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  1. Wondering if auto flowers or genetic enhanced plants are harder to re veg or easier? Could this process work best with organic/original seeded plant like say Arizona stran?

  2. Has anyone tried grafting veg scions onto the rootstock of a freshly harvested mother? I cant seem to find any videos of this procedure being documented.

  3. You do not need to leave any leaves just flower's the new growth grows from the flower it's self the calex swells and turns into a leaf 24 hours of light first 2 weeks of revert

  4. OK I don't know if you can help me but this is taco from Morocco I took clones while my plant was in flower I've been told that doesn't really work but now I have 9 plants that are all about a foot and a 1/2 tall I haven't done any trimming I got little nuggets popping out everywhere but the plants themselves don't seem very big like how the mother was when it went into flower. So I guess I'm wondering because the mother was so much bigger at this stage should I just keep letting it rock or are my buds never going to fully develop because the clones were already in flower? Someone told me the plant doesn't have enough time to catch up with itself and produce for the buds at the same time and that's why my plant is small And not lush like the mother was. Any feedback in this matter is deeply appreciated. I did notice you say you ran yours under 18 hours a light maybe that's my problem I'm only going like 14 on and the rest off. Well like I said any info will be appreciated thanks again Great videos.

  5. That's a long time to wait for a reveg
    I wonder how long hydroponic would be I had a really nice yield this time and would like to keep it I've never had time to mess around with this sort of thing
    I have hydroponic clones ready to go with foot long roots so I'm only veging for a week to 3 weeks top
    Any suggestions ?

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