In this video guide I show you how I start autoflower cannabis and begin its life cycle. I will be growing my autos in coco coir for the 1st as I seek a growing …


  1. Hello I’m from Sweden

    I have cancer in my stomach I wanna start growing

    Because I need weed

    So I have bought from Amazon a tent and lamp 500w

    I wanna just wanna grow 6 big bushes

    How much yield can I expect from 6 indica ?

    Much love from Sweden

  2. Your pots are way to big dude…. You want to use smaller pots as your plant spends less time growing roots, and concentrates on the fruit etc… Which is more important when doing auto's, as you can't control when the plant switches to flower, so you don't have much time…. Also, growing in coco is classed as hydroponics, and you should use the hydro feeding schedule. Hope this helps… Great vids too btw πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌβœŒπŸΌοΈ

  3. Annnd your soil would need perlites, it does not look like it could breath has much has it could just by looking at the mixture, you need perlites to make more air

  4. Paper towels makes it a lot harder to pop a seed, try toilet paper it his the best, you dont even need a bagies cuz it stays wet, just put a lil drop of water on it 2 times a day

  5. I mixed coir with an equal amount of fox farms ocean and happy 🐸. I haven’t ever heard of someone doing it but it seemed like a good idea πŸ’‘ when it came to me. I hope my grow is happy like the 🐸y.

  6. For scientific research for a friend is it possible to buy seeds from online? And have them sent to a state where weed is illegal? Also what websites would a person who were to commit these crimes go to?

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