How To Stop Smoking Weed & The Benefits To Stopping

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  1. I've been smoking since I was 15 I'm 19 now (obvious stoner pfp) but I really want to quit, or at least cut back majorly I smoke heavy daily, at least 2-5 bowls a day, does anyone have tips for dealing with withdrawals?

    I'm also currently in the middle of quitting cigarettes, went from a pack a day to a few drags of tobbacco from the sherlock pipe I have, I'm quite proud but I still need to keep fighting on.

  2. I don’t wanna smoke anymore , it’s been 10 years to long, 28 no education , no job , no nothing , fuck not even a car , fuck that I don’t even own a nice pair of shoes but here I am trying to get dimes fronted , I’m a loser

  3. I think marihuana is not bad thing, it can do a lot for you, it can help you (see the world from different angles, etc..), BUT IMHO the key is: To use it for some ammount of time = yes, BUT you have to stop using it one day, otherwise you are lost in the circle and is not benefical for you….
    I was smoking from my 22yrs to my 35yrs…almost every day (obviously too long). But I stopped and I feel blessed now. I am happy I have an experience being under THC, but more happy I quit! No pills needed, just your will. Does it make sence? Good luck to everyone

  4. Good talk, brother. Be careful with Niacin. For me, I took a 500mg gak and the pain was tolerable but the blood pressure drop made it so I could not stand. I cracked my head in the bathroom. Not cool at all. Take it somewhere safe. You never know how you might react.

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