How to Treat Weed Dealers, According to a Weed Dealer

It’s easy to make a wrong move when you’re buying weed—asking too many questions, wasting a dealer’s time, canceling an order last-minute—but at the end …


  1. well I ordered twice from kush_fisher2020 on snap both ibs and it went through via FedEx and wasn’t caught was damn shocked when it was delivered to me and when I took a look damn the packaging was 💯 even the dogs couldn’t have perceived it

  2. Use code words. Throw them an extra 20 bucks if they deliver for gas money. But most importantly, STOP BLOWING UP THEIR PHONE. Anything over 4 calls a day and you just pissin off the guy you need to help you. CHEERS !!!!

  3. Please always respect your weed dealers because they do really care about your health too especially if you have any health needs like for example:
    Epilepsy like I have and glaucoma and cancer etc.
    These are things that really does make it very much importance and your dealer should be very much aware of this since most states don't give a flying crap about you and your health.
    That's just my 420 take on it.

  4. Wish more dealers were like this guy man, but dealers in Britain do take the actual piss sometimes, like you can arrange to meet and they can just leave you out wherever waiting for them and they be like "5 mins dude" then you wait for 20 mins and they're like "I'm round the corner" then another 10 mins later they finally turn up like if you want to make the money then don't leave your guy hanging so much, business works both ways man, just try and be more punctual then you get returning customers cuz they know you're reliable, else people can just take their custom elsewhere, just say how long you're actually gonna be and then that's sound just don't leave your customers out in the cold waiting on you forever

  5. If u finna buy big and you think he giving to little tell him oh naw I’m good this guy sells it for cheaper and more prob better to
    They wil give more for cheaper bcs they want the money

  6. Bro my buddies been dealing all they life and I basically get kush for free at this point and mind you not that Jagger gas 🪴 don’t smoke if you just burn to get high just quit smoking g lol burn for the strains the types of high you get from every type of weed is different so keep trying new things say no to meth for some people out there it’s hard to understand

  7. My dealers so nice man were friends at this point and even drove me an hour to the er when my mom was rushed to hospital after falling and breaking her back and hip

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