How to use a Volcano Vaporizer with Marijuana – Ma

Matt and I finally got around to shooting a ‘how to’ video for the Volcano Vaporizer at Vapor Central – 667 Yonge St, Toronto. Karen Watermelon and the lovely …


  1. The definitive guide to using volcanos. I love how everything was so organized. And the higher you get, the easier it becomes to use it properly, as opposed to a pipe, which becomes increasingly difficult.

  2. I bet YouTube didn't demonetize this! You can't have a gun review video but you can have an instructional video on how to use illicit drugs. SMH

  3. I have a classic volcano which I bought on 2008. I've barely turned it off unless I away. My volume sits at 9-10 always! On the vapour rooms I've noticed how they r set lower. Personally I prefer the higher volume! All in all a dream machine come true!

  4. You don't – the plastic is just a housing to the metal. When attaching the bag it punches through the seal so it's exhausting straight from the metal at the top of the chamber into open space inside the bag. The plastic only acts to prevent burning your hands on the metal parts, and contain the vapor – never exposed to head w/i the airflow path: pure steel.

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