How To Use (and Not Use) a Neti Pot

Brock demonstrates various ways to use a Neti Pot (only one of them being the correct way). Neti Pots have been used by yoga practitioners in India for …


  1. Actually, thats not the effective way to do it. There's a huge difference. Here's the yogi way. Start by doing a forward bend for a minute so that lymph starts to move more into your head. Now just like he shows put it in your nose (not your butt lol), now – plug the other nostril with your free hand and suck the water up your nose, you should be making "snorking sounds" like you've got some phlegm stuck and trying to spit. Suck some up your nose and then spit it out your mouth! That's the real way, if you do it you'll see the difference. Pouring it up one nostril and down the other accomplishes very little imo compared to sucking up the phlegm/snot and spitting it out your mouth. After you clear one side, (from a few rounds of sucking it up your nose and spitting it out – probably 1/2 a cup of water has been used by now), then do a forward bend for 30 seconds, and start the second side.

  2. I am so afraid to try this. I'm afraid I'll breath it in. I have allergies and or just post nasal drip with sinus issues. But have been suffering because I am to afraid to try a sinus flush. Trying to build up the courage. Wish me luck.

  3. why do u need to add salt to the water? is it supposed to do something with disinfecting the sinus or somethinig? and why himalayan salt? is it any more special than regular salt?

  4. Yes Julie. Two people in Louisiana died. Also the idea is to wash out irritants…you should not stuff things up your nose…so use kosher salt, not sea salt.

  5. If you really want to cleans and clear your sinus of any infections, especially if you suffer from hay-fever or sinusitis then just add a level teaspoon of fresh squeezed lime juice to the pot with the Himalayan salt and that will do the trick. Once or twice a week if sinusitis is chronic will usually clear it up within a week or two:-).


    Jimi. ย 

  6. Did I hear correctly to not use tap water? And instead using distilled water? I guess there is some parasite in tap water that can lodge into your brain and eat it away. True?

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