How to Veg Cannabis Plants For Heavy Yields

The vegetative stage of growth is where a good majority of the work is put in to ensure your harvest is the best it can be. In this video, we break down our best …


  1. This is my 2nd grow 1st grow they veg'd for almost 3 months indoors. Started flower then moved them outside. They were out there for bout 4½weeks. Way to long. Dont know anything about the geno or any of that. My question is WTH is takn so long. Started 2½ months ago and I'm seeing the same thing again. Slow growth. Cant think of soil name but it's good .

  2. hey y'all got a dumb question ? Do you guys have any kind of pictures of the different start to finish technique' meaning what will it look like when you lollypop them , topping verses not-topping them I guess I'm trying to say pictures of beginning results and end results sorry I'm doing a wake and bake if so please share could you? Thanks

  3. CLTV I like the tips and advice you guys give. I’ve been growing for about 1 year now and I’m using bag seeds. Mostly I’ve been learning more about what it takes to start and make it to harvest. I used fox farm trio for the feedings and a 300w led grow light. I would like to actually grow one of the auto flowers.

  4. So, I'm bingin' your channel from a Lemon Sorbert point of view, let'n the thought energy flow.😎🤙
    Do you know if anyone has tried chopping at harvest 3" above soil (or so) and splicing a clone into it? Existing root structure, if the splice binds well, should make the clone grow like crazy. . . (?) L.S. point of view, remember.

  5. I once transplanted a week into flower, I risked getting severely rootbound if I didn't so I decided the risk of transplanting was better than possibly becoming bad rootbound late in flower, afterwards I noticed the plant only stretched a few inches vs another plant I had that stretched to double the original height. Even though the plant didn't suffer any "transplant shock", it still seemed to affect the plant in a negative way. My yield was also probably hurt a little but it was a plant that was fucked up several times throughout veg so I didn't expect much from it. I estimate a half oz which i was happy with for my first grow

  6. You guys make really helpful videos on great topics that are helpful for people of all skill level, but what I like the most about listening to 420 growers club is that you acknowledge female growers. Thank you for remembering us! Most grow videos are directed toward only men. No matter what gender bias youtube seems to have I know other ladies appreciate that you guys talk to us as well …..Shame on YOU-TUBE 🙂 Good job being inclusive guys

  7. Big fan of the videos guys!
    Could you please maybe do a video of “seed – harvest” with everything and all exacts included and how you guys do it?
    All the specifics/ measurements etc for first time growers thrown into one vid with explanations and visuals🤞🏾🙏🏽 I watch all of your videos but it’d be great to have a complete vid of everything thrown into 1 (for a newbie like me lol) just so it all comes together and makes sense – thanks again guys if you can – sorry to be a pain – appreciate all the vids 👊🏽✌🏽

  8. Don't you just hate it, when you pass a joint to a dude and he just sits there talking for a minute and a half before taking one half-assed puff before passing it back to you.?? I mean, if you're done smoking, just say so, instead of waisting it… 😆

  9. These guys feel like a blunt session. I just sat here through this whole vid and didn’t remember shit then played it back and caught everything

  10. Hi guys… first time growing past 2nd week of veg stage. Started in a inside grow room got on amazon but plan to move outdoors, question is when and how to transition them and since we are in August now almost September should I hang led light above to add more light since now natural light does not exist for 16 hour time??

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