HowTo Harvest, Dry & Cure Legal Cannabis – Full Process (Wet Trim Method)

This is my ACMPR Grow Journey won’t you join me? This is my full process on how to wet trim Harvest dry and cure cannabis. This episode was filmed inside a …


  1. plants and their buds are different…. super dense buds like on Skywalker OG will take longer to dry and to properly cure, and will get moldy if kept in a curing jar much easier and faster than other less dense buds. I found this out the hard way. If the buds are dense, they will need more frequent burping, and a longer curing time before they can be considered fully cured.

  2. Plus I have used a female hormone for female women they give birth I forgot the hormone was called but it made my buds plump so fast I had drops of Crystal all over them one day I'll be able to pop it out of my little SIM card somewhere and posted on the internet but I don't have a computer at the moment so I went and happened

  3. Yeah I'm from elk Grove California and we need to discuss your dirt what type of dirt you use what do you put in your dirt or do you put anything in your dirt the next time you decide to grow try taking some eggshells from a chicken pulverize a 40 eggs into powder form and sprinkle the powder for them eggshell into your dirt that will give your plant extra calcium and you can tell why your buds are so fat is because from the eggshells I have done this in the past and my plant was 7 ft tall and the buds were like oh my God so yeah get with me sometime and let's talk about it

  4. Hey guys if you have grown three girls in one grow bag; can you cut the stem of the primary girl and leave the other two to catch up on bud growth?

  5. this video really encouraged me and plus all the positive comments. as said in a comment u really break down the process of harvesting and keep it simple for us new growers. I am on my 4th grow and tweeking each grow as i grow. your buds look like mine and thats wat encouraged me. i thought i was doing something wrong with my previous grows with the buds lookin airy. maybe i didnt cure long enough previously and the buds kinda stayed airy. so now im about to harvest my 4th grow of gg4 and im gonna follow to a T of this video. thanks so much and great job. a new subscriber

  6. May I ask… if one intends to make tincture, would it be necessary to do the curing process? When is the potency determined? After drying or after curing? I understand curing for molding issues, taste, aroma and harshness but does it have anything to do with potency? Anyone? Thank you :o)

  7. There is absolutely no benefit to having a 'dark period' while the plant is in the pot, and honestly is a waste of 2-3 days.
    Chop it and hang it first then have the 'dark period'.

  8. Beautifully explained 🤩🤩🤩I do have a question so please everyone chime in!!!! It’s my first harvest but I feel…. I over dried my buds before I jarred them so I lightly misted with a water mist just one before putting them in….I just literally misted them once just to get some moisture back in there lol is that bad? Or wrong? What you all think?

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