1. Fantastic! I use CBD oil for my fibromyalgia and fatigue and…just about everything (I have a long list of chronic illnesses) but somehow I hadn't considered using the CBD balm (which I have!) for my TMJD. Just slathered a bunch on as its been particularly painful lately, and am experiencing almost immediate relief. Like you said, there's still some discomfort there, but it's easier to keep my mouth in 'resting pose' and the sharpest pain is taken off. This balm just keeps winning as it's also great for bug bites, cuts and bruises, eczema, irritated skin from being a sensitive prick like I am..the stuff should be alongside cough syrup and aspirin in every medicine cabinet.

    I also just ordered CBD nose spray! My eustachian tubes are permanently clogged and it can get pretty painful. I'm curious to see if it'll also help my TMJD complaints as the pain usually carries over from part of my head to the other…I'll let you know if it performs miracles! Thanks for making and sharing this video 🙂

  2. I had a fracture too my lower Jaw after reviving a blow from a knuckle duster around 11 years ago. Up until 2/3 years ago I assumed the pain and symptoms I was suffering from quite frequently where simply down to the Surgey and two titanium plates which were inserted. Recently it has flared up too an extent that is it painstakingly unbearable. After many visits too the doctors too try and figure out what was going on, not once has any doctor suggested it may be TMJ that is causing all my problems. Insomnia was down to stress and depression I was told. I have booked an appointment too see if I can get a second opinion as it is destroying my life relationships with friends and family. I find that THC works wonders at reducing pain and inflammation and helping muscles relax before bed. It has been 3 weeks now I haven’t used any and I’m really struggling again from all symptoms TMJ related from lower back pain too aching jaw, insane migraines stiff neck temporary paralysis on occasions ect.

  3. I find for my health problems like ms i need thc in it for it to work.. i mix cbd/thc at a ratio 50/50 I'm in the uk and get my THC weed from a website called medicine man uk. they can be found online through TOR browser..

  4. My own physician made a medical diagnosis according to my signs and symptoms calling it TMJ and that he informed me to read TMJ treatment “FοΚemΚem Ta” (Google it). I follow his suggestion and started to read the manual for 11 days and it has been effective. I obtained fast remedy right after adhering to the exceptional set of physical exercises. I`m now pain free from the face up to my jaw..

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