I Tried CBD Oil For A Week For My Anxiety, CBD Vape Pen and Tincture Review

Hey guys so I have been taking the CBD oil tincture for a week so as the CBD vape pen and so far loving it. My anxiety isn’t there anytime I take it. If I left …


  1. I’m 40 years old. I’ll my life I have been stable not until I turned 37 did my anxiety shoot through the roof. It’s been bad. Then the pandemic hit and it hit worse. Started going to therapy and medication. I don’t like taking medications. I want something more natural. How natural is this?

  2. I get very anxious in social situation, so I can relate to most of your symptoms. Came across cbd a while back, but I was hesitant to try it. Now that I watched couple of videos, I will give it a go. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    I also heard black seed oil is good for anxiety. And many say anxiety is a gut issue and not mental. Check out this video, https://youtu.be/FcPtGTbDrwE

  3. Bro I don’t know if you read this but like I have that feeling when I’m driving too but like I thought I was just going crazy like it happens to me not everytime I drive but often and I make little mistakes when driving! I never thought about it but I think it’s anxiety too like when I get bored or have nothing to do I eat as well! But like that’s crazy!

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