I Tried CBD Oil Vape Pen For The First Time!

Out of all of my CBD Trial Journey I LOVE DiamondCBD the best! Plus they have the best deals always 😉 Diamond CBD Website: …


  1. Sadly 99% of all these cbd companies sell bs products that aren't Full Spectrum and you'll see 1500mg cbd Vapes and you think OH WOW that's a great deal! But yes it's a decent amount but that's made with CBD ISOLATE and a working dosage is 300-600mg! Lol it's crazy and these companies are literally robbing PEOPLE!

  2. the problem is im a rapper i use weed to get high on THC and write my lyrics and i feel very good and i can get the job done ..
    but the question is ..
    it will be the same when i smoke weed just with cbd ?

  3. CBD Vape Juice or CBD vape oil

    There is still a great deal of disarray in regards to CBD oil and vaping. Honestly speaking, "CBD vape oil" isn't oil based. A more exact term for it would be CBD vape juice or CBD e-fluid. Not at all like CBD oil colors, they are intended for vaping.

    We have been cautiously trying out CBD vape juice throughout the most recent couple of years to locate the most reliable brands that you can trust. Here are the best CBD e-fluids accessible regarding quality and flavor, given our testing and examination.

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  4. Hi new to your channel and subbed just wondering if you got your CBD extracted from the bud or the leaf it works better from the bud imo I'm on 500mg from the bud and is £30 but had 5000mg £50 from the leaf and the 500mg was way better and costs less in the UK but maybe it's different where you are if you don't mind e asking how much was your 250mg? Btw You should hold the button for longer to see a relaxation effect

  5. This old I know but pg and vg is not really bad for you is that vitamin A crap that is.

    I had been vaping for a while after quitting smoking the my mods died out so I went back to smoking cigs. Now I am just doing a pack a month and smoking cbd flower to help with my seizures along with my meds. Hopefully I can eventually get me a dry herb vaporizer.

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