Ice Quakes, Your Brain on Pot & the Body Language of Victory

Hank enlightens you with the science behind the news, including the dynamics of recent “ice quakes,” new insights into the neurology of marijuana, and the …


  1. You failed to mention that the study on pot only found a decrease is memory on adolescents whose prefrontal cortex had not solidified yet. Adults who use have far fewer of these symptoms.

  2. Speaking from pot-friendly-ish Canada, I say pot should be legal. It does not, repeat, DOES NOT mean that it is without dangers. It just means it's on the same level as tobacco, booze and gambling. Let's get pot legal but keep it away from kids, dont' drive or work while you're high and don't let it take over your life because yes, it is addictive.

  3. Hank, you have portrayed some serious misinformation about pot here. Pot causing schizophrenia is not a new idea and has been disproven. The study was funded by the National Institute of Drug Abuse. There, they have people who specifically study drug abuse and nothing else, working there doesn't require any real scientific qualification and that institute was started at the beginning of the drug war. The study wasn't only conducted poorly, but is also an insult to basic science. If a brain region gets smaller, that usually means it becomes denser, allowing the brain to be used more efficiently, and this has been occurring in the human brain since early hominids, and civilization and the invention of written language has given rise to a major breakthrough in brain density, which contradicts the notion "the bigger, the better". Neuroscientists have known this for over a decade now. Not to mention that the drug war was started based on no science whatsoever, even the top universities in the US have said they found no evidence to prove any of the bullshit the drug war tried to propagate. But you know, people in power are people in power

  4. Fair points Mr. SciShow man, fair points indeed. You have greatly saddened me on this day. I was rather enjoying marijuana's pristine record as the only relatively harmless (see below) mind altering substance. That would make for a good episode I think. Safe drugs. Contrary to any articles there has to be some. However, people have always told me both my short term and long term memory are astounding. I have been smoking heavily since my early teens to now. Not trying to imply that me being different somehow invalidates it. And in general stoners are not known for remembering what they were in the middle of saying, let alone anything else so the findings don't surprise me. However, I dislike how there is an automatic connection between any kind of medical coincidence. I have heard studies saying that cannabinoids can exacerbate underlying schizophrenic conditions in some patients. However, it's never been shown to trigger the onset of, and schizoids in general dislike it because it worsens their symptoms. Beyond that however, the ratio of severely mentally or emotionally disordered who are strictly marijuana users that I have met is incredibly low, lower even than alcohol users by a wide margin.

  5.  Honestly i would expect a much deep thinking and explanation on pot hazard by SciShow… i can't say it doesn't affect your memory but it affect just your short term memory and i'm not sure about the irreversibility of that… i'm high with no stop since at least 10 year… no way it affected my capacity of learning new stuff  but i constantly forget about where i put my phone charger, keys, the pocket or stuff like that (honestly for me and my work… not a big deal).
     When comes to mind capacity in my opinion no way quantity can be more important then quality… even if u have burn half your neuron you could use them in a better way than many  "healthy" people.
     Not to mention that even if i was just drinking coffe the way i smoke pot and ash i would probably already ended up in hospital with huge nervous system problems.
     Finally drugs are (as most of the thing in the universe) neutral and highly subjective… the way u use them make them bad or good and what is good for someone or sometime maybe is just bad for others or even for the same people but just in the wrong moment.
     (sry for bad english)

  6. GOOD GRIEF people, its like the first time you guys tried weed, you must have smoked ABSOLUTELY WAYYYYYYYYYYYY WAYYYYYYYY WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY too much, how the fuck did you black out? You serious? I SMOKE on a DAILY basis, I work, I do weed reviews and am about to sign up for MORE college on top of the 2 years I've already completed…. You shouldn't drink OR smoke before your brain is done developing. That is different for the people with health issues that need it! Everyone KNOWS weed effects the memory could you imagine the type of stress your brain is in when you remember every little thing? There are MANY things that we as humans probably should forget. As for long term memory… that is bullshit propaganda if I've ever seen it. I'm also laughing because these facts have ALREADY been debunked in other countries we just can't/won't listen because THIS IS MERICA! The Dungeon Master, you are a newb….. or you haven't gone through one bit of trauma your whole life. I'm laughing because most of these people complaining about how weed has givin them problems are the result of smoking a massive amount your first time.. that is absolutely your fault. You wouldn't take a bottle of alcohol and then chug it your first time? Why would you think it would be a good idea to smoke/eat a massive amount your first time? How about you guys ease into it before you open your stupid mouths? And what the hell is with this over dose on marijuana? Do you guys just eat up reefer madness like nothing or are you just little kids who shouldn't be smoking in the first place? How do you smoke some weed and black out? I know schizos that smoke that act COMPLETELY NORMAL!@#@!#@! How are you guys blacking out? Wtf man? Yes you will get paranoid if you smoke too much of certain strains (most likely cannabis Sativa!) chill out with the B.S. Information! Plus wtf most of his episodes are 4 minutes plus and he talked about cannabis for how long out of all the other segments? HE totally missed out on ALL the rest of the information.. Even though I like this show, im bummed to see that hes just like every other single person who doesn't know shit about it because he most likely has NEVER tried it. 

  7. Pot once in a while is not dangerous. Pot every day for several years is obviously not good. That's almost universal for every single stimulant out there. Everything in moderation.

  8. A total of 97 subjects participated, including matched groups of healthy controls, subjects with a marijuana use disorder, schizophrenia subjects with no history of substance use disorders, and schizophrenia subjects with a marijuana use disorder. 

    I don't believe this is high enough to get an accurate conclusion, the study does say that too. 

    "I chronically smoke chronic".

  9. But other research reports say pot might be GOOD for memory as it triggers memory parts of the brain that would otherwise go unused. What's the difference between the too? Maybe one's referring to long term and the other short term?

  10. I'm sorry, but I was unaware of any "memory center" in the brain. I was under the impression that memories are stored throughout the brain but the hippocampus was responsible for converting short-term memory to long-term memory. It is suggested that pot use may increase the rate of lost neurons inside of the hippocampus, which also happens with aging.

    There are many studies that suggest otherwise as well though.

  11. This is just my opinion on the matter, but if you require psychoactive substances to enjoy life, then please get a hobby that won't collapse your memory centers. It's not that difficult to find something to be happy about in life.

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