Impact of Cannabis on the Brain: The Current Evidence

Cannabis Science and Policy Summit 2016 This ISSDP invited presentation provides an overview of the current neuroscience funded by NIH/NIDA evaluating …


  1. The speaker states 6% 12 year olds report "Daily use of cannabis"

    Highly unlikely! This herb is illegal and can be very difficult to get hold of for grown ups let alone young kids!

    It's also very variable in quality mostly poor occasionally good

    This red headed woman states effects of cannabis use which are just the propaganda pushed out by the CIA there is no evidence to support her emotive description of "adverse effects"

    She also claims it's addictive. No matter how many cannabis users tell her it is not addictive she will continue to say it is

    She has no idea what she is talking about in respect of multiple drug use

    Someone like me who is regular user for 20 years can talk to women like this till we are blue in the face, she will still think she knows more about it than I do and so refuse to take on board anything I have to say on the subject

    She needs psychiatric help really she is do screwed up

  2. My friends that have drank alcohol for 30 years have destroyed their livers and minds . I smoked pot every day for 30 and guess what ?
    I have a clean bill of health . I had full medical from two different doctors . I am a healthy man . I bike a 100 plus km a week. I treat women as equals . All the anti pot lies are drummed up by big pharma, alcohol , tobacco and religious freak nutjobs . Put that in your pipe and smoke .it and stay away from prozac ssris !

  3. I do not believe this is all of "The Current Evidence". There is a lot of research that comes to totally different conclusions.
    Also, it's obvious they're trying to introduce an "improved" GMO version of Cannabis, without the mind-expanding functions.

  4. This is disinformation.
    Your not supposed to smoke cannibis. Your supposed to cook it in foods, make oil out of it and use it in teas.
    Cannibis( i.e. marijuana coined by Harry Anslinger and Randolph Hearst) will cure any dis-ease and this is why the oligarchs and their dogs banned it.
    As a Native American. My people cooked and ate tobacco and cannibis.
    This is why the oligarchs and their dogs= Harry Anslinger and Randolph Hearst.
    During the 1800-1900’s and today. There were many tests done on indigenous people of America. Anglo Saxons thought that American Indians and black people had magical powers like rapid healing etc..
    What they found was that we ate thousands of pounds of hemp and cannibis and stayed healthy no matter what types of poisons they tested on my people. So they hired goons to out law cannibis today called,” marijuana.”
    Today cannibis will cure: all cancers, HIV, Autism, Herpes, all STD’s, mental illnesses etc…
    The art of critical thought is coming back but most people cannot see past hate and BS.
    How can you criminalize a plant?
    If that’s the case then tobacco, carrots, kale and all trees should be illegal.

    I don’t care what you about me. Just think for yourselves for a change.

    The creator doesn’t make mistakes with plants.

  5. the cannabis compounds (cannabinoids) have effects depending on what type compounds they are… the bio-chemical effects are noticed in the endocannabinoid system ECS as in bio-mimetic compounds… mostly metabolic action entails cannabis use and activation of cellular respiration… ligand channels are created on cell surfaces in the presence of cannabinoids… ligand channels are used on cellular surfaces to signal information from inside the cell to the extracellular space – it's called homeostasis… the ECS maintains homeostasis and phytocannabinoids from the cannabis plant serve the same functioning in the ECS

  6. SHE LIES .. alcohol 🍷smokin 🚭poison 💀……..cannabis oil heals ,!!!!LOOK up RICK. SIMPSON …on cannabis oil the documentary away from cure

  7. Psychosis is never sufficiently proven. While the definition of a psychosis is quite open for debate. I miss in this talk totally the relation with decreasing minerals in plant products, everywhere in the western world. Cannabis stimulates a lot of key processes in the body, I suggest that whole plant food, with sufficient nutrients is essential to support these processes. Eat no McFiller, eat plant food, certainly when you use strong cannabis products.
    "More research" is just virtue signaling. Research is needed when quite often poisonous petro-chemical artificial molecules are medically applied. Cannabis is not poisonous. Why are these large clinically conducted studies not already started? A growing group of people is increasingly suspicious of this "more research" suggestion. Like it is a signal that you also belong to the group industry funded scientists..

  8. Someone in the video were talking about elephants, but the real elephant in the room is the concept of people not being allowed to chose what type of medicine they want to treat THEMSELVES with, and risk being dragged off to jail if they do.

  9. Then the science lady said that they had reports of people coming in the hospital related with marijuana and having issues or what not in the lungs I call b***** regular weed is not going to cause you to have some kind of problem for you to go to the ER the fake s*** that's out there on the street that spice that wet that laced s*** is what's putting people in the hospital tell the truth

  10. I called 100% irrefutable b***** I have smoked pot weed cannabis grass Mary Jane 20 years and have no issues whatsoever. Oh miss know-it-all b** I did graduate high school and I am currently in college about to graduate college so you're proof of that is false I use it medically more now than anything it helps me for my pain all my joint pain in my back injury that happened while I was deployed to Iraq a lot better than naproxen lot better than Ibuprofen so I will continue to keep smoking cannabis I will no longer take aspirin which is aspirin kills more people yearly so where's these cannabis killing people when aspirin kills people take 13 of those b**** and you'll be at your last headache. And I can quit smoking before while I was in the service the only thing that's really hard for me to quit smoking is tobacco so tobacco is more addictive than cannabis why don't you tell the truth ugly ass b** cannabis is not a gateway drug cannabis didn't make me go shoot up some smack it didn't make me go snort it didn't make me go do some shrooms it didn't make me to go do some meth. I think Miss Sciences here forgot about f**** peer pressure and usually if a dealer has one drunk he would have something else and may convince the body to buy other things the drug didn't make me do anything and I have tried others but I'd prefer cannabis and always stuck with cannabis for the last 12 years out of the 20 after I hurt my back I could tell you when drug that I was addicted to Vicodin try to come off of that marijuana way better than Vicodin to

  11. Hahaha Amusing that he explains away the abduction of science to fear rather than how money buys fear for Bernays, Goebbels and Satan. Hahaha Scientists are people. They cant just stop at what is and remain non partisan on what ought to be while the more ignorant dominate that conversation.

  12. Talk about pseudoscience, your NIDA studies are now textbook examples of cherry picked data used under the assumption that you most highest paying priority correlation is certainly causation. I admire your single minded devotion to one hypothesis, strange it is the one most profitable throughout NIDAs success at obtaining research grants. You contradict yourself, you claim to not know about all these different complex cannabinoids , more than 100 in cannabis, but then you are claiming to know cannabis causes a load of ill effects
    At the same time when has a single NIDA Cannabis study collected and or used data on concurrent drug use and collected data on other contributing lifestyle factors affecting health? When have you used a multi-factorial design , you may of got away with your maSSAGED data GUFF 10 years ago but in 2016 you may be better in keeping a lower profile with this stale useless bullshit that sets us all back into having to start again. Also fancy saying you know what a brain region does, you have not even contemplated brain neuroplasticity ye?t its 2016 folks!

  13. She left out a lot of good information. This plant hemp, cannabis, marijuana can heal the world almost everything can be made from it from clothes and paper to plastic and building materials, food, oil, paints. Then you have the medical side of the plant that heals so much. No one has ever died even though this plant has been apart of our history for over 10000 years. Please educate yourselves always the truth could save the world and you can see why its pushed back from us. Something that has been know by the government to kill cancer cells since 1970 should have been studied more than anything to find the cure please educate yourselves its not hard your already on youtube just ask is cannabis can save the world and watch the first 10 videos it could change everything you believe. We can make this a better world. 10,000 years its been used for medicine and everything else. The magic weed is a good video to start on. Once you see the truth it starts to feel like the twilight zone we live in.

  14. This talk is coming from NIDA, an organization that spent untold millions developing the synthetic marijuana known as "Spice" which has hurt and even killed a number of people. I'm not some marijuana zealot who is going to tell you the plant is perfect, but I will say that you must always investigate the claims made people, whether they are positive or negative. A lot of bad science is done in advancing a narrative and it is your responsibility to be suspicious of all scientific claims.

  15. You want to see a country where marijuana use is a part of daily life for everyone – Afghanistan Thank you for this program – it is absolutely correct in every way. The hardest thing for a parent is watching their happy healthy intelligent child lose their ability to think after smoking this stuff – like watching a child with a terminal disease decline. For healthy kids, marijuana makes them mentally sick – unable to take care of themselves when grown.

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