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  1. Hey guys!! 100K Subscribers! Never could of imagined it when I started. I am incredibly grateful for all the support you guys offer me and this journey has been so enjoyable to embark on. I promise to keep giving my all in my grows, videos and to always bring you my best.

    Here is the giveaway link to those who are interested in joining in! Alot of sweet gear is up for grabs and with 10 winners the odds are much higher then some of the other giveaways I've done before.

    With love,


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  3. Why cant i see the number of subscribers on any weed channel? Is it because yt sensors the numbers cause if people would see channel having first 23k, then 100k & 500k in span of year or couple, it would be hip thing to watch drugs channel? :DD

  4. Dude, are you seriously saying "lowly popping"?? You've never heard or read the word "Lollypop"? Yunno, like a sucker? As in "lick it like a lollypop" 50 cent song. Listen to it please for the love of god and spare yourself the embarrassment of sounding like a complete doofis in front of a lot of people. πŸ˜† Lol Lowlypop πŸ˜„ HAHA!! Good Video though. Honestly. πŸ‘

  5. You have to pay for it then they give you too much then you have to cook it if you eat cbd it helps the CNS but it's 20 bucks a gram not approved for sale by health canada

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