Indiana legislators looking at legalizing medical marijuana

Legislators in Indiana gathered at the Indiana State House to discuss the possibility of legalizing medical marijuana in the state.


  1. "We cant just legalize it without the research, it's not medicine. It will send the wrong message to children." Amazing how contradictory that statement was. How many more basic studies need be conducted to prove Cannabis is natural medicine? It grows out of the ground ffs!

    Get these paid off, incompetent, lying corporate goons out of office immeaditly!!!

  2. Locking human beings into little cages steel cages for The Possession of a plant which has existed long before these laws have ever come to mine is the epitome of cruel and unusual punishment it is insane to the highest degree

  3. Look I’m 15 and I’m also trying to get Indiana to legilize medical use here for my grandpa and eventually me when I come to the legal age it would definitely save a few hospital bills and a lot of money I am trying so hard to help decriminaliseing medical use on canabis just do your research I’m 15 and probably know way more about the plant then anyone in the government researching it that’s a fact

  4. Nearly the entire state according to a ball state poll found Indiana wants legal now …and backward Indiana is waiting to be last again…and what's crazy is Indiana will probably vote holcomb right back in there…the only answer is leave this state….I'm out in a few

  5. Shut up David Powell you don't know anything and your probably being bribed from the pharmaceutical companies. Over half of the united states is medical get with the times. This state could definitely use some tax money to fix our roads and it would help this opioid epidemic with heroin and Indiana being the number one state with methamphetamine use!!!

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