Indiana Newsdesk, January 10, 2020 Tobacco Age Limit, Marijuana Legalization

Tensions remain high between the U.S. and Iran. Ahead former congressman Lee Hamilton joins us to talk about relations between the two countries and how to …


  1. Yet Marijuana grows all over Indiana naturally🤦🏿 literally the whole Lake, Porter & La Port County's All through the Dune's National Lakeshore. Along all the Train track there is in Northwest Indiana. East Chicago, Gary, Lake Station, Hobart…etc. This state blows ass totally

  2. At 4:55 The news coverage of Indiana on marijuana/cannabis starts. it is a good news piece giving some great facts about the player on cannabis in Indiana. It covers the public push to change laws, Indiana Prosecutor Attorney Counsel (IPAC) anti-cannabis resistance to change, the pro-cannabis legislators push to open up dialogue in the Indiana Legislative chambers, Governor Holcomb anti-cannabis stance and trying to kill the dialogue on the cannabis issue. These are the types of stories we needed to have in years past.

    Now we need stories that are more in depth of why is Governor is anti-cannabis?

    1) Why IPAC is anti-cannabis?

    2) Why IPAC & Governor Holcomb do not want to allow Veterans and Hoosier patients access to this medical treatment when 33 other states have already done it?

    When the National Academies of Science Engineering and Medicine released a study in January 2017 peer reviewing over 24,000 Studies, articles and Journal reviews with a top finding that cannabis the plant was good for adult chronic pain.

    I (Captain Jason Straw USAF Trauma Nurse Retired) sent this report to IPAC and the Governor along with every current Indiana Legislator at the time. I also sat down in 2017 with Jim McCelland Indiana Drug Commissioner and showed him how Dr. Sulak had a program that was using medical cannabis to treat patients with Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) with better success than any Medical Assistive Treatment (MAT) at that time.

    3) I asked for a piolet study in Indiana so Indiana could do some type of research to verify if medical marijuana/cannabis would be useful in treating the opioid crisis because we needed all hands on deck. Not one peep from the Governors office on doing this research has been offered, why?

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