Indoor marijuana grow – Harvest time! (Cherry Bomb) Music By As I Lay Dying

Cherry bomb at harvest time.. let em go to week 10.


  1. @KspekEvo I know, lets make an ass of ourselves by commenting on someones legal medical marijuana videos acting as if i know what i'm talking about.

    what an ass.

  2. @TheEddie99 its got a pretty noticeable smell, real fruity, i love the smell and flavor, and the looks are great.. i had purple and light green just covered in frost, and stoney, just not as stoney as i like. but honestly its really fluffy and spongy.. u get monster buds, just not dense enough.. but i was getting about a pnd per 3 plants, but i LST, topped, tied em, an everything above, and they vegged for ove 3 mnths. but i got ahold of sum chem dawg, and cut the cherry and lav out completely.

  3. @mrdan859 what would i get caught for? havnt broken any laws yet. im allowed 5 pounds and 25-50 that i can grow. i grew 5 here and just under 2 pnds. all legal.

  4. never heard of this strain but looks great lots of buds
    growing jack herer at the moment i smoked from their sisters and men it was a gentle high thats the reason why they use jack herer for medicinal use
    i also like northern lights for a night of couch hanging xD
    grtz from holland

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