Instant Pot Cannabis Oil and Butter

If you have an Instant Pot or pressure cooker at home, you’re going to LOVE this video. Making infused butter or oil has NEVER been easier or faster. You can …


  1. I made a teeny tiny batch of this. It’s incredibly concentrated so I’ll be mixing it into some more “butter” it’ll be just fine. Or add drizzles to other foods. But the taste is awesome.
    I used the Jilybean strain. So lots of thc which is great for the inflammation and the pain I experience.

  2. I decarbed. Then infused with coconut oil. I feel that I’m getting slightly stoned. Does this mean decarbonisation was not high enough. Also it doesn’t taste strong at all. Almost seems like it’s just coconut oil. But getting slightly stoned. Can I cook the infused oil again at a higher temp to remove thc. Thx

  3. I have two questions. 1. Why does the infusion time change between Crock pot of 4 hours to instant pot 40 minutes and 2. Have you ever added alcohol after the debarb and let it evaporate before infusion? Personal I did this alcohol additive twice. First time turned Shwag into unbelievable weed and second time seemed to have the opposite effect.

  4. Well we tried the recipe, and it smells like it's burnt, both the coconut oil and the butter we made. Don't know how to test if it worked out though. We used the leaves from the Jacky White strain, so maybe it was the wrong type of leaf to try, or maybe that is why it smells burnt.

  5. Excellent channel, thank you. Can you use a pressure cooker to decarboxylated the leaves themselves, and if so, is there a section where I can find how to do that. This is the first plant we have done this year. Thank you

  6. Instant pot question. Mine doesn't have the same settings. There is no "manual" setting. I cook with it all the time, using the "steam" or "rice" or "multi-grain" settings but have no idea what the differences between those setting are-IF ANY at all. How to proceed with a "entry-level" IP with limited options for settings?

  7. I have in the past infused the decarb flower in the oven and then mixing with ever clear 190 proof while keeping in a cool dark place for 1 month, but vigorously shaking every couple days and then strain. which works better to get the most out of the flower the oil or 190 proof ever clear?

  8. I used this method and end up with half of the oil after strained it, someone know why or had this problem? Does it change the dosage of the oil? Thank you 🙂

  9. Do you find that using your instant pot for cannabis oil/butter stains the instant pot pot, meaning if you try to cook regular food in your instant pot it tastes/smells a little like weed? Should I purchase a separate pot for my instant pot to designate for cannabis oil making?

  10. Thank you for the awesome videos! I have learned so much from you.💛✨ I made a potent coconut oil infusion with shake using the instant pot method from this video (decarb + infuse in the same jar). I used solid coconut oil (Vita Coco Coconut Oil – ). My goal was to take this as a sublingual tincture – not add it to food. Never having done this, I was not sure how the infusion would resolidify, so I strained it, and left it in a clean measuring cup overnight. As suspected, by morning it was a combo of liquid and solid (much like the original product). That said, my questions are regarding storage and consumption. I had bought Boston round bottles with measured eyedroppers, but they now seem impractical given the oil resolidifies. (I realize now this should have been obvious – LOL.) Should I instead store the resolidified concoction in a wide mouth jar? Is it better to simply scoop out the solid in 1/4 teaspoons (just over 1 ml) per "serving" OR could I stick the jar in the microwave for a few seconds and melt it down so I can consume the dose in liquid form? If microwave melting is an option, can the same mixture be melted and resolidified repeatedly or will it ruin the potency or hurt the oil? Thank you for your time and advice!! You are an inspiration. 💪✨

  11. Do you find that this works as well as a traditional method? I use the sous vide method and get pretty good results. Just wondering if the results are very similar or without the time do the results come out?

  12. Very helpful video – thank you 🙏 Do you have any experience or info on using fresh (not cured) flower – if it makes a difference?

    Is curing merely for making the flower combustible? If that's the case, maybe it's a step that can be omitted, when making an oil-infusion?

  13. great video, does it matter what size instant pot you use ? I have a 3 quart one. Is it better to stand up the jar or lay it on its side ? Would using MCT oil with the same pressure times be ok?

  14. Omg the auto closed captions. "…as for storage you can keep your your all your abusers always in a dark and cool place"
    Is buried in the back yard acceptable?

  15. I have been using the Intstant pot since last spring. I decarb using an onyx lockable bowl, same amount of time as your video except I will try the 10 minute natural release before venting. This way, I can decarb 29gms at a time. As for canabutter/oil, I have been using the same process. Anyone know if it is the same process as MCT oil?

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