Is Marijuana Actually Medicinal?

Does marijuana actually have any health benefits or are potheads blowing smoke trying to justify their high? Host Myles Bess clears the smoke on medical …


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  2. Marijuana is more effective in depression .
    In India its only 5 Rs for 50 marijuana tablets.
    Its uses for mental disorders in India for 3500 yrs. Written in Sanskrit book 📚 called atharveda

  3. I feel like you guys cut the FDA too much slack on the risk reward thing. There have been drugs based off of marijuana that are less effective/ have more side effects that have been approved, and consuming marijuana in edible form eliminates the risks of combustion. It would have been nice to see some elaboration on the influences applied by big businesses in the pharmaceutical, alcohol, and private prison markets that are pushing to keep marijuana illegal on both the federal and state level wherever they can.

  4. Firstly, federal laws do not apply to states unless there is monetary incentive and the state agrees. Secondly, the FDA apporves vaccines without any studies showing they are safe or effective. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

  5. "We knew we couldn’t make it illegal to be either against the war or black, but by getting the public to associate the hippies with marijuana and blacks with heroin, and then criminalizing both heavily, we could disrupt those communities." -President Nixons aide with reference to the war on drugs. google it if you dont believe me

  6. LSD is safer than Xanax if you get the dosage right. Government propaganda stokes public fears. LSD, shrooms, and marijuana combined kill less people than sugary sodas, or alcohol, or tobacco.
    Does marijuana cure cancer? No, although it can stimulate the appetite of people with cancer. Soda doesn't cure cancer, and causes diabetes. Yet some ignorant Americans would give it to young children, but still say marijuana shouldn't be legal for adults.

  7. If an adult in their right mind knows the risk and still wants it anyway than even if it's harmful to them what right do we have to tell them not to?

    Of course any substance which has a high risk of being used to harm others should be appropriately controlled (this includes antibiotics), but i've never really heard of marijuana being used to harm nonconsenting people so probably is pretty rare

  8. Marijuana can be beneficial if used responsibly, like almost every other compound. It has historically been legal to use, but was criminalized in the 1900s. The War on Drugs, including marijuana, was started and perpetuated mostly to suppress, arrest, and jail political groups who voted against the Republican Party, most notably blacks and liberals.

  9. Well, there is a problem with this video. It forgot the affects on children. If someone under 25 smokes this, he will develop messed up memory and cognition, and in a system where you need an education, this is BAD.

    But we must ask, why not with alcohol? Well they've already tried banning it, and that failed miserably. Alcoholics were quelled away, but religious institutions in social settings (think a Passover seder) and the Vintery buisness plummeted. also, you can control the alcohol content in wine, and it can be very low; with hemp, there is high potency. Nonetheless, I support you view.

  10. Information on risks with pretty good evidence for them would've been nice, maybe sorted by prevalence.
    (like it seems to be accepted that it can cause psychosis in some individuals, while many report memory impairment)
    Maybe in another episode?

  11. After the mention on Space Time and on Infinite Series I decided it was time to check out the new channel. I love what you guys are doing! In regard to this video, at the very least there is no justification for marijuana being a schedule 1 drug. Xanax is orders of magnitude worse. Personally, after looking at all the research I have I just don't see any justification for it being illegal even for recreational use though.

  12. I have my prescription for marijuana, so I can give first hand testimonial (albeit, anecdotal). I'm 38 years old and prior to last year did not smoke weed at all. I'm not going to go into the reasons for why I have my prescription for it, but the benefits I've experienced exceed any hoped expectations I had. It's working for the reasons I'm taking it, but also, I get restful sleep at night now, I no longer experience daily pain from tendonitis, overall cognitive awareness is improved, my mood is much better…and that's not an exhaustive list. The drawbacks? Well, I cough if I choose to smoke it (but a vaporizer fixes that). If I smoke too much, yeah, I get lightheaded (but that's just a bit of self control…don't smoke too much!). Yeah, so far that's it.

    Now, full disclosure, I'm not in the US. I'm in Canada. So the laws are different here, and the research is more readily available.

  13. acholol and tobacco have killed millions. nobody goes to the weed bar after work, and gets high and then beats their wife. alcohol is just as bad as cocaine. It's just society that stigmatizes them.

  14. Found you through a shout out on a show called space time, just wanted to say first video I've watched and I hope this channel continues to grow, feed the sheeaple ( people who follow the heard mentality ) some factual information!

  15. From personal experience Marijuana is only as addictive as you make it, and if someone under its influence does something bad, or starts doing harder drugs, then I believe it is not Marijuana's fault. Just like alcohol is not at fault when a drunk person does something stupid or causes some incident (which happens much too often)

  16. If you legalize weed then pharma industry loses money. Its immoral to stop the pharma industry from lining their pockets with expensive prescriptions and drug plans.

  17. In my opinion the reasons for the initial ban on drugs says it all about the whole campaign. It was initially, like prohibition, moralistic outrage that brought the laws into being, science and the facts be damned. For drugs, which enjoy a much smaller citizen support base than alcohol, the effects have lasted longer and are now much more rigorous for a drug user than they were for a drunk.

  18. I don't think it's any of the Government's business what I put in my body or anybody else's. My body, I choose the risk, just as people who drink choose the risk in drinking alcohol or even smoking. Alcohol is abused way more, and many cases of alcohol poisoning every year. People don't OD on cannibis, at most they lay down and ride it out. I'm not owned by government so I wish the Government would stay out of people's personal choices.

  19. The fact that it is addicting and that it makes you high should be enough reason to keep it illegal in my opinion. Just make sure that those who are caught go to rehab instead of prison.

  20. I think that the federal government should legalize medicinal marijuana. It would help relieve the pain of patients with chronic illnesses, especially cancer, and the side effects, in my opinion, are better than that of alternative drugs.

  21. Why was Marjuna, which has been used recreationally and for health purposes throughout history, outlawed in the first place? Didn't it have something to do with race? Wasn't it used as a justification by the federal government to target African Americans? I want to learn more of the history of Marjuna.

  22. That drug commercial was great… I wonder what the advertising rules are, could an ad like that really exist? I'd be interested to find out.
    PS. Tell the children to stop juling, its naughty

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