Is Marijuana an Effective Medical Intervention for ADHD?

ADHD and Executive Functioning Coach Jonathan Carroll offers insight into the controversial topic of marijuana as an effective Medical Intervention for ADHD.


  1. Thing is even "professionals" dont know what is therapeutic for ADHD. If YOU have ADHD and YOU find it to be therapeutic, then whats the harm. Nobody can tell you how you are feeling and what helps you.

  2. For me, CBD manages my anxiety caused by the adhd amazingly. For adhd a good sativa works wonders, but its hit and miss. I hope they can do more studies and make a good consistent medicine for adhd from cannabis.

  3. As a person who has taken adderral since 1st grade (I'm now 27 and take 3x 30mg ir daily), marijuana has done more for me than adderral could've come close to. Adderral exacerbated my emotional disregulation, but at the right dose, and the right amount of marijuana, I'm able to get the best of both. Does it have its side effects and tole on the body? What idiot would say no? Of course it does. But the real question is, would I prefer to have the option to choose medical marijuana to help me take a second, slow things down a bit, be able to think more clearly and have a better quality of life (while accepting the effects that come with it)? I'm sorry, but the answer is easy for me…. Why deny any human that choice? (why make a naturally growing plant illegal to begin with? Ahhh, bc dude in the paper business saw hemp as a threat and bam!?…. Nce one) I don't disagree with anything you said, marijuana has its negatives, but those negatives don't out weigh the positives for me. Instead of snapping at my 5 year old daughter over something as stupid as her wanting to play outside 5 more minutes, I can have those 2 seconds to ask myself "does this really matter?" So for me, relationship/social quality is more important than the side effects. It is that simple.

  4. If marijuana, factually, makes an adhd person more so able to concentrate and tone in their impulsivity, then how is that not in and of itself helpful in decision making? You leave out a key truth here. The majority of problems with ppl who have adhd stems from lack of emotional regulation (low frustration tolerance, hypersensitive, et al.), and the main reason so many ppl with adhd use and provide experiences with how marijuana has changed their lives, this is what they are referring to…. That's something you also cannot ignore.

  5. Dude you make videos for folks who suffer from ADHD and you take so much time to get into the point… I couldn’t even wait for you to approach the topic.

  6. ADHD, bipolar disorder & OCD. it makes things worse,. 1. It's an incredibly expensive habit to maintain. 2. mood swings, and 3. It causes more anxiety for people with ADHD, OCD and bipolar. it can worsen social anxiety in public settings. and can actually trigger panic attacks. my advice,. drink a small amount of wine,or take something like benydryl. Or a medication with diphenhydramine occasionally. and relax. If your going to depend on any substance. "Which isn't natural" by any means..,, smoking anything isn't healthy., Because carcinogenic properties are produced when things are burned and inhaled.

  7. Hello bud,
    I just found you channel after browsing many articles about CBD (the hot topic at the moment) and ADHD.
    I see that in this video you do not wish to advise 'Marijuana' as a treatment for ADHD because of course there are these negative side effects.
    So, now that its 2 years on from this video, I was wondering if you have looked into the Endo Cannibinoid System and CBD effects on ADHD at all?
    Because I think that a lot of the negative side effects which are seen via cannabis consumption as a treatment comes from THC. Clearly the street weed which most people smoke is super high in THC and low in CBD. There is a lot of potential for CBD and and other cannabinoids to be isolated or to use different strains of hemp for example to potentially treat certain symptoms of ADHD
    Interesting link:
    Maybe you are not interested, but for me I really think there is something here that needs to be explored.
    Basically it's important to realise that when we discuss Marijuana/ Cannabis that we are actually discussing multiple 'drugs' dependant on CBD : THC ratios. Unfortunately due to prohibition, high THC strains are what people are abusing.
    Any thoughts?

  8. I agree with kind of. It helps with certain symptons but can also make others worst so I say it depends on the person because some people I know with adhd get really good help from it. But I also have friends who get bad anxiety from it

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