Is Marijuana Legalization Inevitable In The US?

Every ballot initiative involving the decriminalization or legalization of marijuana passed in the 2020 election. The Democratic-controlled House also passed the …


  1. keep complaining yall I'm from Indiana do u kno how hard they make it to get a job. This whole thing is stupid af the government could care less about your health.

  2. what happened to the people's will.don't they work for us the people??? if the people want it legal than so be it.enough with all these political hacks telling us the people what is good for us or not. they are all in the pockets of big business.the liquor companies dont want ti ,so they pay them off to keep it illegal .they know that if it were to be as legal as booze a lot of folks would switch from booze to pot,and then its about money not health so please spare me.the folks need to stand up and start taking back the unlimited power of these hacks TERM LIMITS!!!!!!!

  3. "Marijuana could very well be one of the most dangerous threats to an entire generation of Americans…" – President Ronald "just say no" Reagan. That idea could very well be one of the most dangerous threats to an entire generation of Americans. Marijuana Is Safer, So Why Are We Driving People To Drink? ISBN 978-1-60358-510-1

  4. $2000 checks have bipartisan support and they're dead in Washington. Bipartisan doesn't mean something is going to happen unless it's war, tax cuts for the rich or cutting programs for us.

  5. It doesn't matter what the federal law is. Colorado just ignores it and does what it wants. Same goes for California when it comes to immigration. Democrats disregard the Constitution and federal mandates all the time.

  6. I don't understand this Guy, "High THC" is still way better then alcohol and pills. if you're kid get ahold of your pills or alcohol they're getting their stomach pumped if they get into some Brownies they'll be fine and just chill for a few hours.

  7. MOST of us will not buy our cannabis from Big tobacco, or big pharma. That's the equivalent of buying a poison apple from the witch on the corner. Those are the very companies we "stoners" oppose.

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