Is Microdosing The Future of Marijuana?

The creator of LSD, Dr. Albert Hofmann, believed that ingesting tiny amounts of the drug could have therapeutic value, and so-called “microdoses” have since …


  1. VICE News traveled to Portland, Oregon, to meet Ethan Earnest, creator of marijuana microdose pills called Mirth Control, which contain a fraction of the THC found in a typical joint or batch of edibles. Earnest compares Mirth Control to “open-source Xanax. Watch Next:

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  3. We should not underestimate sugar leaves or trims .. if they are heated and grinded .. one teaspoon is enough to send you to Mars.. and it's even stronger than smoking the bud.. so if the capsules contain decarboxylated thca .. then an overdose would a scary experience

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