Is Smoking Weed While Pregnant Dangerous?

Some may think that smoking marijuana while pregnant would help with nausea and various aches and pains. But is it bad for the baby? Is Pregnant Sex …


  1. Also in high school, I had a friend who had a baby and she smoked weed every single day. The baby has no developmental issues and no other issues that we can see as of now. She's like nine and very smart

  2. 😭😭 Plz plz plz plz plz . The mom who uses cannabis. She can tell me what happens to her baby after giving birth ……… .i cant stop it .i m so scare .
    I'll be crazy if something happens to my baby . mothers whos smoke Tell me the réal conséquences

  3. I want to know about CBD???!!! That could be a healthy happy way for pregnant women to deal with nausea, aches/pains, inflammation, anxiety, etc. Without the same effects of the THC

  4. You shouldn’t smoke or drink during pregnancy‼️ Give your child a fair chance bc you’ll never know what effects it will have on your baby! No one can tell you how it will effect you or your child. It’s 40 weeks! Once you make the choice to have a baby you have to make sacrifices!! Just bc your baby SEEMS NORMAL at birth doesn’t mean it won’t effect them later!

  5. Marijuana IS A PLANT 🌱
    Plain and simple.
    I smoked very very small amounts while pregnant and I swear it saved my life. Depression, morning sickness and I couldn’t even get out of bed to eat.

  6. my first son was born in 2017 i used cannabis my entire pregnancy, my son is now 3 almost 4 and is so incredibly smart its amazing. he can already read and count to 100 and there are many other amazing things not a typical 3 year old can do! hes great!

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  8. I had to have minor surgery when I was pregnant, they prescribed vicodin for 2 weeks, butalbital/acetaminophen/caffeine for the last week, and I was also given morphine intravenously. my doctors said it was completely safe and her body would filter it out faster and better than my body. I would like to understand why those 3 were safer for me than cannabis.

  9. For the people who are saying smoking weed is bad for your baby is bad. Just stop there. You’ve either never been pregnant or not a woman or have never even tried pot. Bunch of retards trying to give so called “advice” when they haven’t been pregnant while smoking pot so just stop commenting complete bs

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