It Shouldn't Be This Hard For Scientists To Study Weed

There’s a (lack of) science behind medical marijuana. Meet the doctors working to change that. Watch more Focal Point! | Read More: How …


  1. All about government making moneys on taxation which should be illegal, look at alcohol, cops kill people and jail people making alcohol, now it legal because taxation, alcohol does more damages to body than marjuana.more people kill on highway with alcohol accidents

  2. Well well well, shocker!!! It’s easier to buy and smoke weed then it is to research it!!! Connect the dots people the governments know damn well this plant 🌱 was put here by god for humans to treat everything!!!! Yes everything!!!! The body can heal itself through proper nutrition !!!! Guess what cannabis when eaten raw is the missing link in putting the human body in homeostasis through the endocannabinoid system. On top of all the other benefits from the raw plant 🌱 is mind boggling. I can’t begin to tell your the benefits of the plant acids on the human body !!! CBDA, CBD, THCA,THC ,CBN and the list goes on of all the endocannabinoids in the plant 🌱. THC kills cancer, but it must be eaten either raw or in high consecrated THC RSO oil.

  3. Money controls government
    Big pharmaceutical companies have the money. If cannibas becomes legal, big pharm stand to lose TRILLIONS of dollars. They will do EVERYTHING in their power to prevent this. After all, big pharm aren't out to help people. Their only interest is to generate profits

  4. I'm confused they've been studying cannabis for longer than pretty much any plant on the surface of the planet so to say that we don't know anything about it's pretty narrow sighted

  5. It should be schedule V at most IV. It amazes me this is still schedule I with and above other hard drugs that are terrible for you. But taking opioids created in a lab is ok. Politics and money is what’s holding this back. Enough with the stalling and lies.

  6. Unfortunately in the United States. It's all about the money that can be skimmed off combating illegal drugs. Hundreds of billions of dollars spent over years and years and it's done nothing to stop the flow of drugs into the United States. If they were legally spending all that money to stop drugs from coming into country there would be no drugs in this country. It's the Crooked red-handed politicians pull money back out of a scam and putting it in their pockets. Just legalized all the drugs!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I’d also like to point out the hypocrisy- weed is starting to be legalized and more research is being done etc. meanwhile almost all of the non-violent petty drug “offenders “ are STILL incarcerated- for longer than most rapists!!

  8. Wait hold on, so they’re giving people synthetic weed from NIDA, & are saying its causing all these “side effects” when its not the real leaf?

  9. Its wierd. If i Recall medical History correct canabis Has Been the Basis of Most Medicin before industrialization. Am i wrong? I think this Situation you are desceibing is remarkably wrong. Its Science. Come on. Where ia the Problem?
    I think there peobably could be the identical discussion with sassafras.

  10. Scientists of early days studied things that the government didn’t know about or just didn’t care. BUT WEED JUST SEEMS SO OVERHYPED TO NOT STUDY IT FOR MEDICAL CARE. Like there is no secret scientists organization???? Yaw lying

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