It's Just Marijuana – 30 seconds

The City of Vacaville’s Drug and Alcohol Prevention Coalition, AWARE, along with its partners, present the video “It’s Just Marijuana.” The purpose of the video is …


  1. Stupid misleading video! City of Vacaville still up to anal misleading bullshit depriving the people of free choice and oppressing people. Marijuana is legal in the state of California now. In fact Marijuana is legal in a lot of other states too. Big bu$ine$$! Cannabis industry creates good paying jobs too. The oils are awesome, baked goods are fantastic, marijuana beer and beverages OMG, and the different varieties. Google healing marijuana on the internet. City of Vacaville business people should open up cannabis stores. Your local pastor is a scam schezephrenic pretending to have super powers from outer space misleading disabled and ill people. The local religious cult phony pastor bilking the income of hard working people is wrong and evil!! Believe in science. The truth of science will set you free.

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