Jack Herer Cannabis Plant Ready for Harvest ✂️

Jack Herer the cannabis plant 23% THC, the man cannabis rights activist; and the legend & Emperor of hemp. “Jack Herer is a Sativa Dominant Cannabis strain …


  1. I would absolutely LOVE to keep learning from you my man! What a cool channel. Small group of some really cool people! I have so many questions I'd love to talk to you more!!

  2. Yes Yes Yes…..ye plants look amazing.
    Just goes to show…. It's not where you grow
    It's what you know.
    And "The Duke" knows sum shit about sum shit. Ye know…I've been told that cannibis plants didn't like to be moved alot. That's B.S.
    Ole Ray Charles can see these plants have not suffered a bit by being moved.
    Another awesome lesson I have learned from you 2day. Thanks for sharing your experience and thoughts with us all.
    Keep on Keeping on
    Brudda!!!. G'nite 👣

  3. James, sound bruv. Great content as always!
    Do a little research on the "white rhino" strain if you get chance… I believe it is/was also called "medicine man" and has many MEDICINAL uses.
    I have a "rhino ryder" auto bean that I will be popping once the "night nurse" has finished which i believe is the white rhino auto version…
    Anyway.., ramblings of a stoner on my part lol, keep up the good work bud!!!

  4. Great Content Bro Bro. I,as a member of the Growing Community Appreciates the Shared Knowledge& Techniques that yourself are able to offer All of Us Free of Charge…Thanks Tons Gromie&Stay Safe🙏🌱🌴🌼😎

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