James On Pot | Curiosity: Your Body on Drugs

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  1. Well that goes for recreation of drugs over all. People with higher intelligence tend to be more frequent users of recreational drugs. Just look back in history. Man, the author of sherlock holmes even though he should do heroin ffs, because that fit his intellect. I guess it has to do with the ability to see the world for what it really is, and wanting to escape it. Needing a break. Disconnecting and connecting to something higher (your own mind).

  2. Good as a warning sign maybe, but far from the truth. You think your friend is going to drop acid at the purchase and wait for it to kick in just to confirm it? Or shrooms? Buy from someone you've heard about instead and earn your way to hear about them, because they are rising a lot to get it for you, so this guy above is obviously a cop. Also, experience comes after knowledge about the drugs in importance. Just understanding concepts like "set and setting" is gonna do A LOT.

  3. You will enjoy it more if you smoke less. I smoke every weekend and have noticed the high is a lot more enjoyable. Unless of course you're very well off and can afford this, a long with mixing strains to counter the tolerence you will gain. ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. I would not recommend anyone to contact this person. Buying hallucinogenic drugs online is VERY dangerous. It's a lot better to do it in person and have a friend/s who can confirm the guy is trustworthy. Hallucinogens are a lot more powerful than cannabis. They WILL break you if you take too much when not experienced.

  5. I drive on weed all the time lmao an yeah honestly i pay a fuck load more of attention on the road high. So yes, I drive better high, thats exactly what im sayin. I smoke it every single freakin day.. No exaggeration.. So stfu before you open yer mouth bout somethin you don't kno ago about. All potheads, legit potheads, are so fucking smart. We're laughing at how dumb you all are to believe this government propaganda on weed & the bullshit it does to your brain. Pfft. Ill smoke a j for you…

  6. The only health risk you need to know about is that ''to much'' is always unhealthy in direct or indirect ways. Weed does'nt need to be deadly to be bad for you if you allow it to be. People who are normal and sane never defend a drug.

  7. The Government has been using it for hundreds of years. Don't kid yourself. When Columbos went to "India", he brought cannabis. Then the rulers of Jamestown told the farmers that growing cannabis is required. Washington's primary crop was cannabis. The upper 1 procent doesn't want it legalized because it's a question of money.

  8. i just watched this on tv and i had to come on here to say these people were not on drugs, the guy on cocaine was not breathing heavy and his pupils were completely normal, the woman on heroin would have been really sleepy and sluring her speech but was fine, they are not going to let someone on meth do a workout like that it could kill them and for cannabis HAHAHA pure obviouse propaganda!!!

  9. i think it's illegal because marijuana grows EVERYWHERE.it's just weed only it's pretty. anyway, it grows everywhere so you can't tax it.also, in my country and in many other countries i'm sure, anti-government groups grow marijuana to fund their "cause." so the government made it illegal.
    i know marijuana is harmless. some of the most intelligent people i know use them occasionally and their still smart as far as universities are concerned. old people here still roll and smoke them like tobacco

  10. k guys dont get all pissed off, its just a question that im curious about, and id love to know the answer.. if marijuana isnt bad for u, then why if it illegal in almost every part of the world?

  11. ikr if you think bout it they make it sound scary its not i saw your body on drugs and all they said to HIM was oh you will get lung cancer in years you have 84% working im like eh not as bad as the coke

  12. This guy James is actually an amazing astrologer and he lives in Venice. I think his company's called R-Evolution Astrology. He's actually a great guy and as crazy as he seems, his reading was right on. I don't think he was smoking when he did my reading though. He was pretty sharp.

  13. I realize that I had a pretty bad argument. My mom has smoked for many years, and I'm starting to see the effects. She is getting dumber and keeps forgetting things (short term memory), I wonder how she will be in 10 years. There are health risks, and don't try to argue against me on that as I have seen it myself…

  14. They should show the effects of eating popular over produced garbage (what they call food) in the US or similar, compare to healthy eating.

    They'll be telling kids they have a 99% chance of developing one of the whole lot of crap before X age.

  15. That was seriously one of the most ignorant things I have ever read. There are no compounds that make you lazy or unproductive. It really is just a stereotype that pot smokers are lazy. But those people would be lazy/unmotivated if they hadn't ever smoked weed. And the think about the government is the most BS thing. The majority of people do not like many things about our government. Take like a psychology class and economics and you will realize money means everything to the government!

  16. Yeahhhh you're stupid. Show me a study where it shows that it impairs your driving ability. If anything, marijuana would make you more cautious while driving. Seriously if you listen to any mainstream cooperation/media on the effects of pot it will be a lie. You are correct that if you inhibit brain function you will not operate at 100%. But who is to say that pot inhibits brain function? There are no legitimate studies in which suggest that. But there are many that show otherwise.

  17. Easy. It's destructive for the society and not just the smoker itself. Although the correct way to do it is to help the smoker to quit. Could you imagine everyone in the world smoking pot? It wouldn't be very productive would it? The governments opinion is generally the opinion of most people, and most people don't want pot smokers so the solution is to lock them away.

  18. When he says "it's a natural herb given by god" I just think wtf is wrong with this idiot. I do not believe in god, and that's reason enough for me. Besides there are many natural plants out there that will kill you pretty fucking fast, and that means not everything is good because it's natural.

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