Jimmy Dore on South Dakota Weed Legalization Getting OVERTURNED

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  1. Correction, at the behest of the governor who directed those two cops to bring the lawsuit and used executive privilege to give the case standing. PLUS, that judge was appointed by said governor. I live in SD and it's a crooked fucking state where corrections is the biggest industry. The only state that can charge you with "possession by ingestion" (meaning you can be charged with possession for failing a drug test), and forces people who get in trouble with drugs or alcohol to participate in the "24/7 Program" where you have to breath test 1-2 times a day at a dollar a blow or drug test three times a week at $10 a pop, or remain in jail (for which you will be charged room and board at $10 a day). Alcohol and meth are our two big problems, especially alcohol. I can buy a full-sized bottle of vodka at the gas station for $6. It's everywhere and here in Pennington County, the DRUNKS are everywhere.

    And this state's government wouldn't have it any other way. It's a racket.

  2. I wish someone would cover the BS happening here in NJ. The damn governor has been holding a Marijuana legalization bill over our heads for damn near 3 years…. empty promises. We voted for it this past election…. he still hasn't signed the paperwork. He's using it as leverage for his next election… it's bs! We are legit tired of this governor. Nobody voted for him and these elections are all rigged. Hell is gonna break loose soon if he doesn't sign the bills. Believe that. Every day that passes… the people of NJ are becoming more and more impatient. Our medical program is a joke. Almost $500 (not including taxes) for an oz. And, they don't have enough supply. It's a joke like our president. ๐Ÿ’ฏ

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