Joe Biden PRESSED on Weed Legalization & Pardons by 37 Members of Congress…

Joe Biden PRESSED on Weed Legalization & Pardons by 37 Members of Congress… *Full Episode* Subscribe to my Other YouTube Channels: LMC CLIPS of …


  1. Republicans are going to attempt to block every piece of legislation democrats bring to the table in congress. Zero republican support on a relief package that's widely popular with the general public, much like cannabis legalization, they don't care. Republicans are upholding a stalemate, the only way to get it done, federally, is with them on board. I highly doubt this will happen this session, i've been following this since the MORE act was introduced back last year… With all the states voting to reschedule cannabis it doesn't mean much on a federal level. It's really disheartening but its the truth. People keep saying it's coming no matter what…. yeah I doubt it will be in this congress or maybe even this decade.

  2. I’ve seen alcohol destroy lives and relationships for years. The only I’ve ever seen pot destroy is a box of peanut butter captain crunch. They are not the same.

  3. The Catholic Church talks all this shit about cannabis but the funniest thing is, the person they praise was someone who used cannabis and other natural medicines like it, too much if anything is a and thing and making things synthetic and over using it can cause harm yes but using a natural substance responsibly isn’t gonna harm no one it’s why it was put here very natural medicine on the Planet works in our body cus we come from the planet we have the same dna and run on the same system as everything else connected to the earth like cannabis and mushrooms and coca plants and all this stuff

  4. We need to also be looking at the laws being passed… regulations with people having felonies not being able to work in the industry is counteractive to progress. We need to stop separating people. If someone changes they need to have a opportunity… every person to steal a hamburger or possess too much food can never work in a food industry??

  5. It's a safe alternative to the alcahol, opiods and heroin, that takes so many lives every year, it should be recreationally legal for all the states 👍💚🐯

  6. If the news stuck to the facts not looking for people to say "this is a bad deal" how long would it take for people to get it, religious or not, not long! Show the children that are able to live much better quality of life, show the veterans who have given there minds, and limbs sometimes, for this country for rights these people play with, show the statistics on it's safety, but have they? It wouldn't take long for the average person against it to see the compassion in this natural plant, truth is what people need and for these people to let us vote and honor it!

  7. I can't figure out why they don't pass this shit now, what's the wait. Everyone knows executive orders don't mean shit, just pass the Marijuana issue and get that win, day 1. Congress cant deliver a pizza.

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