Joe Rogan – Is Marijuana Medicine? | JRE Pot Debate

Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1246 Pot Debate:


  1. I recently got into eating edibles and seriously convinced myself I had testicular cancer lol this went on for about a month and then I stopped with the edibles… still a little paranoid now

  2. Honestly an overdose of alcohol is much more lethal than thc. I'm 19 and know so many peers who ended up in the hospital due to alcohol overdose, one guy's heart stopped for a few minutes and he barely survived. It's sad how alcohol is more dangerous than weed consumption yet alcohol is legal and weed isn't.

  3. Its both recreational and medical, My joints dont hurt and I enjoy my day more

    Edit: I've used edibles and pens, edibles left me couchlocked and unable to really do much but it was an enjoyable experience. High lasted about 6 maybe 8 hours, Im 6'3 320lb male. From pens I do a trial of a cart whenever I use one so i can see how the strain will effect me. 3×3 second hits holding for 5 seconds each. Just an easy way of testing it. I mark the time I take the last hit as its usually been 1-2 minutes between the first and the last then i take note of when I notice the rise and fall, for instance i can feel it 3 minutes after the last hit and about 1 hour and 15 minutes after i start feeling it I feel a noticable comedown and by 2 hours and 25 minutes after I start feeling it I feel sober again

  4. I can tell right off the bat that this guy had his opinion and view on cannabis formed by stories. It gets such a bad wrap it's unreal. People such a doctors would rather use morphine than CBD to alleviate pain, they have ZERO FUCKING KNOWLEDGE on it. Knowledge without experience is useless, just words. I heard one doctor say that CBD is worse than cocaine, heroin and crack, I asked her why and she told me she knows she is. ZERO FUCKING IDEA!

    I had some anxiety issues and then I started using pot every 2-3 weeks and it has helped me very much.

    If this guy started using pot once or twice a week, he'll see the benefits. Better mood, cognitive function, digestion, energy levels.

  5. Smoking cannabis plant is the least medical way to consume it … the smolder and soot coats the plants' medical compounds and the heat of the cinder disfigures the compounds too into unrecognizable molecules ( Waste) … Eating the plant Raw from a living specimen is the best method of ingestion leading into medical effects long term

  6. how cannabis is a medicine = lipids and terpenes are created in the glandular resin on the trichomes ( meroterpinoid phytocannabinoids) . these are protective metabolites the cannabis plant creates as secondary metabolites … they are for protection only , not inherent in the inner working of the plant at all save for the Olivetolic acid and Geranyl-pyrophosphate used to make the phytocannabinoid . the plant absorbs mica ( metallic oxides) from the soils to make the phytocannabinoids and terpenes .
    as man or any upright being ingests the plant the protective compounds made on the surface of the plant are transferred over to that being … this is where the medical aspects take on a new meaning ( metabolism ) … it is medcia via how it metabolizes .. known as cannabinoid science

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