Joe Rogan – Weed & Mental Illness | JRE Pot Debate

Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1246 Pot Debate:


  1. I hate idiots like the Alex, pushing an agenda that they have grown up being told and making cannabis look like an evil thing. People are allowed to drink alcohol which is proven to have no medical effects, so why is weed prohibited and looked down upon

  2. All you have to do is look on r/leaves and realise the huge negatives of weed. It's a dangerous and insidious drug and is/has destroyed millions of lives. Most people I know who smoke is are unconfident, anxious, depressed shells of people, yet they claim its actually helping them with those things.

  3. What’s sad(besides his dated views) is how immature Alex is. Both of the other guys are being calm and analytical when they are discussing their point. Alex is getting emotional and defensive and interrupting them so much that they have to ask him to let them finish so much. And they let him get his points out unless he is being absolutely ridiculous.

  4. Joe’s point was that weed isn’t beneficial for everyone but it’s beneficial to the large majority and therefore it’s acceptable. Alex’s argument is that because a small percentage of people don’t benefit from weed it shouldn’t be available to anyone. It’s a equivalent to being like “well a small percentage of alcohol consumers are alcoholics so we should ban alcohol” it’s a bullshit argument and doesn’t work

  5. Lmao this dude just wants to push an anti weed agenda obviously, I’m 16 and I have hella mental health issues. And I know most of my peers have mental health issues too, a lot of my female friends have self harmed, tried to commit suicide, and or done drugs, I smoke weed which I do consider medicinal. However people have access to weed more than ever, so more teens are doing harder drugs like cocaine and perc 30s, and abusing Xanax. Everything he’s saying is complete bullshit.

  6. those " serious mental illness " cases are probably almost all because of the rise of social media . as a 19 year old i can confirm it really does do a lot of damage to the minds of people my age

  7. Cannabis effects people differently. For some , it is helpful and it also has negative psychiatric effects on others. It’s not for everyone.

  8. hold on. the young are smoking less cannabis, but their suicide rates are higher. yet, this is evidence of the dangers of cannabis? also, who says lack of adventurous behavior is a sign of health?

  9. the anti cannabis dude is not being serious. what are the health effects of being fired, stunned, or ARRESTED for using cannabis. this is said by a person who is experienced in most drugs but doesn't care for THC.

  10. Anti psychotics, anti depressions anti anxieties and even anti add or adhd medication have really fucked up side effects. Hey if you think that isn’t true why is it that Suicidal ideation, depression, “sexual Side effects”, hallucinations, and tremors which can be permanent (tardive deyskinesia)

  11. I’ve smoked weed everyday for 10 years and I have never been so lonely. It isolates people from society if not used in moderation.

    Been trying for 4-5 years to stop. But dispensaries on every corner in Colorado make it fkn hard

  12. 😂😂 the leaflet in my antidepressants lists suicidal thoughts, depression and anxiety as some of the top side effects.
    Weed sure doesn't work for everybody but it works for me 👌🏼

  13. One night, I smoked. The day before, I had an argument with my dad. After I smoke, I get this extreme sensation that something is extremely wrong. I went to the bathroom to shower, and I saw this massive demon/ogre woman in the tub. My cat saw me freaking out and I became convinced he was a demon. I went downstairs, convinced somehow that aspirin would save my life. My dad was sitting there. I thought he was a gorilla demon, guarding the aspirin so that I would die. I looked at him with terror and contempt in my eyes. Given we’d left off on bad terms, he reciprocated my glare. This only compounded my delusion.

    I couldn’t sleep because I was convinced that the realm I was living in was Hell, and that the demons were my prison guards, keeping me there. I was in hell, in this delusion, because I’d killed myself. However, I was convincing myself that I was still alive by pretending these demons were my real parents. I could escape any time I wanted to, if I only just eliminated my captors.

    I have countless stories like this. Some of them are beyond the capabilities of language to describe. I shudder just thinking about them.

  14. Come to India and say that, everyone will think u r a fool who doesn't know anything about ganja or marijuana cause u know the population of India but your knowledge you collected is only 1% about the substance. If a normal person define by your so call study use it as deit or medicine or meditation or mental calmness by them no incident of what u have said has been ever happened. But we have seen incident,when investigate properly it's due to there own mentally abnormalities and the substance makes it speed up. So it's wrong to say it's not med or not med cause no humans are same but in our country it's ok may be cause of our gene and they grow almost every were like wild plants. No disregard of your response cause i am talking about real time here where I grow live and is still seeing all of this…

  15. No one in this comment section is getting straight to the point of the the fact that this dude fucking sucks! The dude is way too caught up in his own narrative…..and numbers

  16. Joe missed the point twords the end. He keeps talking about teenagers 12-19 but the guy was trying to talk about young adults. 18-25 totally different age group. Then try and turn the argument to kids but they totally misunderstood his words and he didn't correct them thus making them seem like they were on point when they weren't.

  17. What are these guys names can someone comment and let me know. Can't find the original video. Specifically the guy who is all for marijuana..not the anti weed guy..

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