Joey Swoll Talks The Effectiveness Of Weed & Bodybuilding

Joey Swoll talks CBD, marijuana, and how it can be used to supplement bodybuilding. Joey Swoll’s partnership with the CBD company Ignite started with a …


  1. Weed has loads of benefits in body building. I train mondays-fridays and intensive training so I have to have recovery. Saturday’s around 10pm right around the time I plan to sleep I’ll burn through a joint. I’ve had great deep sleep and amazing recovery. Been packing more size because of the remarkable sleep

  2. I'd say weed is good for cardio, light weights, and bodyweight exercises. However, I don't recommend smoking weed, going to the gym, and lifting heavy weights due to increased anxiety and increased risk of injury. Be safe, dudes.

  3. One time I accidentally clip the bar before I put the weight on and everyone looked at me 😂😂😂but yea don’t be stupid like me and focuse for anyone that want to smoke before gym

  4. I was working 60 hrs doing ironwork last year in Omaha and smoked b4 gym everyday and believe it or not I found out my weight140lbs each muscle group I tested I'm at top 1% to 5% so fuck the nonsense weed can definitely help some of us. I never thought I could leg press 900lbs or dip 350lbs lmao

  5. Major stoner and home gym having wannabe powerlifter here, def depends on how much and what you smoke/vape, but more than that it's your mindset especially if you have anxiety like me, you can wind up convincing yourself you're too weak or lazy or whatever feeling and then miss a workout and feel like shit only to get high again like usual as the day goes on, and then next thing you know it's been a week or a month. Just get in the gym, sometimes you gotta just get through the motions, especially if you're high you can get into your own head and double especially if you have an anxiety disorder as is. Remember, it's just weed, you're in control, you're a badass, get the fuck up and throw some weight around then you can smoke later when you earned it!

  6. I’m trying to experience this, I wanna test it but I have no idea what to buy, if either a hybrid or a lure sativa. And I want to see if I want buy a cartridge or a stiiizy pod cuz I have a stiiizy battery already and see if it’ll work the same as opposed to smoking the actual flower. Can anyone please help me someone who knows more about this stuff lol

  7. I smoke Pre and post workouts, before bed, when I wake up, after breakfast, before lunch, after dinner. They all great times for me. It helps me focus, relax, rest, eat, not eat, sleep, get energized, fuck, cook, clean, lift heavy, help with my kids homework, stops me from getting angry, kicking someone's ass, sad, depressed, over excited but consistently happy. It's great for meeting new people, working out by myself, being social, focused on improving self, in touch with a higher power, honest, down to earth, positive, husband to my lady who tucks my kids to sleep every night. I see no side effects 🙂

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