Jordan Peterson's thoughts on cannabis legalization in Canada.


  1. Had cancer, multiple surgeries, almost died 3 Times, 2 Times family came and Said their good byes at the hospital bed, it was bad
    cultivated cannabis for My c-ptsd and overall all the benefits i got from cannabis, now Court gonna punish me, that's Sweden for you
    #cannabisrefugee2021, the best place to live in the world where It's, legal? Any suggestions ?

  2. Its a gateway drug. Yes its harmless but it fucks with your decision making. You wouldnt want a pot smoking lawyer to fight your case and you surely wouldnt want a pot smoking driver to drive you to a hospital. So stfu with this legalization shit

  3. i get what hes saying.. id be dead if i was addicted to booze for as long as ive been addicted to weed. but i wish i was addicted to sobriety this whole time. wish i never even tried the shit.

  4. He doesn’t seem to like weed itself, because of the negatives, but understands that it isn’t something that should incarcerate people. I’m very straight edge and I can agree to that. (Despite losing many friends who were given a gateway to much harder substances via marijuana)

  5. I've heard Peterson say that if you're prevented from going into REM sleep for long enough you'll go insane. I've read weed prevents you from going into REM sleep that's why when you stop smoking after you've been smoking for a while you have crazy dreams. Clearly people don't go insane on weed but I wonder what he would say on that topic.

  6. Here's the biggest difference between the two substances. Cannabis makes you more perceptive and nuanced. That's why I love watching basketball and hockey, and listening to good music after smoking. It also tends to enhance the mood you're in. Which is why I think smoking if you're stressed, anxious, or depressed is not a great idea. But even with its side effects, cannabis is FAR less dangerous than alcohol. Alcohol is liquid bravado. I've seen so many people say stupid things, get into trouble, and hurt themselves or others while drunk. They're a chore to deal with. Plus unlike cannabis, it's very possible to drink yourself to death.

  7. Their poising people again just like they did with Paraquat…. Anything the Government touches is not safe.. Smoke black market weed only that your buddy grows.. No chemicals in that like the Gov. makes all legal grow operations use, don't smoke or buy Medical / Recreational weed!

  8. What about smoking a leaf which causes smoke and inhaling it, this causes lung damage in different ways including cancer. It is not just the thc alone being taken into your body. Check American lung association website.

  9. I choose to smoke rather than drink. Its relaxing and helps me concentrate on my thoughts more in depth. I love smoking and working with my hands (cars/trucks). Alcohol is horrible, its poison to your body and gives you hangovers which I cant stand. Seen alot of fights and families torn apart by alcohol not marijuana. All of my friends that are drinkers have gotten into trouble because of alcohol. My most favorite argument against alcohol is I dont care how tolerant you are with it, too much and you cant function or think straight. With marijuana I dont care how much I smoke I can function and carry on with whatever task. If I smoke too much I just get tired so I smoke in moderation. 😎👌👍

  10. I'm not his biggest fan, but he's so right on this. Every syllable he uttered in this was spot on. I honestly don't think I saw a more succinct and concise distillation of arguments for why drugs should be legal.

  11. I find this libertarian position a bit odd, seeing that those under influence of these substances often cant maintain themself. you have to get lucky that your partner or the one you have to deal with, isn't getting aggressive or starts halucinating when using alcohol or cannabis. I've been in psychiatric wards where there's quite a few cannabis users who have lowered themself in absolute nihilism and can't care for themself let alone for the other. Ofcourse the #NotAll argument works , but what do you do with these ppl. If you're a woman and you are being beaten around because hubby happens to become agressive when using alcohol.. AND has a cannabis addiction… then what freedom is there for her ?

  12. So if alot of people are having sex with kids, we should make it legal? Doesnt really make sense. I like Jordan but this didnt make sense, however there can be others reasons as he mentions.

  13. I'm totally against legalizing pot. But that 3 minute video made me think more about that than the thousands of hours of deranged and contentious arguments by potheads that I've been exposed to. He may still be quite wrong, but it tells me that the wrong that I see is not a known quantity. So I'm more open to that discussion than I was.

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