Kamala Harris Talks 2020 Presidential Run, Legalizing Marijuana, Criminal Justice Reform + More

Politician Kamala Harris stops by to explain why she decided to run for presidential office in 2020. The U.S. Attorney also touched on where she stands on …


  1. Well her legislations and democratic states have been the ones attacking American values the most.

    It were also under whom she admires Obama's time in office the border laws that she is complaining about were heavily increased and more children were separated during his time in office. She also support legislation taking children from their mothers and killing them even after birth. She also stand by Plant Parenthood that illegally sells body parts from the babies to biotech companies. Talk about human rights abuse? I mean everything she is complaining about has been done by her party and people she supports. Even things that is way more horrible. She is talking about not supporting the rich 1% but she is ok with Amazon, Apple and those big corporations having their door open but small business is supposed to be closed.

    There is much information about how Kamala Harris worked very hard in having wrongly convicted people in prison. There is no single truth about what she is saying, meanwhile she is praising herself and if you can read people by a little bit by their expression you can see how she sees herself as a person with same exceptional importance as Martin Luther King.

    She also tried hard to hold innocent people in jail. Her law called Truancy program she worked hard to get passed affected much of the low class neighborhood, especially those with children that were chronically ill. Basically if your child missed 10% of school and the school didn't agree with it or if it were complicated the parent would face up to 1 year in prison taking away the mother/father whom was the caregiver of their sick child. Imagine being a criminal because your child was sick, you can google about people that this happened to.

    She lied about listening to Tupac and Snoop while smoking weed when attending Harvard 1986, the problem is that they wasn't releasing music at that time. She is full of shit!

    It is true that she broke the record about incarceration. She is full of it!

  2. What a doofus. She was smoking dope when she was prosecuting blacks for smoking dope, and then she kept them from being released so she could say she is Law and Order. She got most of her appointments and election victories by waxing Willie Brown's banana. They call her Heels-up Harris. She got a lot of her protein from Willie Brown.

  3. The movie “If Beale Street Could Talk” she’s talking about is a black movie. Her favorite meal is collard greens, she smoked weed in college and listen to 2pac and snoop like 4 years before they dropped an album..
    P A N D E R I N G

  4. “A child going without an education is something that we as a community should be highly concerned with” meanwhile the Biden admin is literally ignoring the science by not reopening schools 🙄

  5. Vice President Kamala Harris never admitted to smoking weed. DJ Envy asked her “What does Kamala listen to” then Charlamagne added “what do you get high to?” she then said Snoop and Tupac ignoring what do you get high to… She’s on a Hip-Hop show as California’s senator who grew up in Compton. It makes more sense that she’s answering Envy’s question than Charlamagne’s and I’m pretty sure she’s smarter than more than half of her critics and is a prosecutor — she knows how to ignore questions she doesn’t want to answer…

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