Kibera Mp Ken Okoth intends to table marijuana legalization bill.

Kibra MP Kenneth Okoth’s proposal to legalise marijuana, better known as bhang locally, has drawn varied reactions. Its proponents cite its medicinal properties …


  1. why isnt alcohol being banned and it kills through liver cirhossis? why are cigarettes legal and they cause lung cancer? you are only given a warning that excessive consumption is harmful to your health. i think they should legalize it but clearly state both its positive and negative effects just like they do on alcohol bottles and cigarettes boxes.

  2. If over the past it's been bad??
    What do you think it will make it good now?
    anything that is illegal to people below 18 is also illegal for adults.period

    Potelea mbali.

  3. Because he grew up smoking marijuana he now thinks everyone should do it. Majority of the Kibra youths are not productive because of marijuana. He should be ashamed.

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