Kyle Kulinski on Joe Biden & Federal Weed Legalization

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  1. So many federally regulated workers can't smoke a joint on the weekends when they are off duty without losing their jobs, but they certainly can drink a thirty pack of beer within 8 hours of reporting for duty daily. The hypocrisy must stop!

  2. The democrats have the house, senate and presidency. If they don't pass the MORE Act in 2021 they are just keeping it a problem so people vote for them in hopes they will one day change the law.

  3. Chuck Schumer should call the MORE Act up for a vote. I think it would make Biden look really bad to veto the MORE Act which was passed by the congress and backed by his own vice president.

  4. I am fully aware the Biden can say no, but just as Kulinski put it, there is too much pressure on the man to say no. He should be fully aware that if he says no, that there'll be some serious consequences with his own people and possibly his own vice president.

  5. You should get ahold of the FairTube people. Joerg (the slingshot channel) and others are making a YouTube union. He has big backing in Germany but I think anyone can join and get help. Consistancy, clear rules, and monetization are some issues they're fighting for. I doubt other channels get dinged for the words cannabis or marijuana. Maybe you could say ganja? Mota (Spanish slang)? Weed? Their rules are ridiculous.

  6. Dont give up man, We have done over 80 interviews and tons of collab projects over 6 years and we have not made a penny from YouTube,.. But what we did gain is the experience, being able to meet and talk with ppl from all over the world, it because you enjoy it for you, have became a very good "Voice" on YouTube ..i suggest spotify for creators, or spreaker they also have monetization options..

    We are in the struggle with you my friend ..never stop informing the people!✌

  7. Keep going, mate! Consider the time you are spending on this channel, an investment for the future. By the time this stuff is completely legal, you will have some name recognition. Then keep going some more and start cashing in. I wish you lots of success with your endeavors!

  8. Lol….Indiana won't ever legalize…..federal or not…..too many republicans in office always vote it down…..they DO NOT SUPPORT LEGALIZATION…not in Indiana at least……..not even medical!! Got a problem? Head to the liquor store…..thats their idea of medical….

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