Learn to Spot & Treat Nutrient Burn – Cannabis Plants

Let’s talk nute burn, today on Lex’s world. Treatment, diagnosis, causes…everything! Oscillating fans and pH kits can be found at my Grow Shop: …


  1. woah! Be sure not to forget to subscribe. I got episodes on all sorts of deficiencies and problems: Potassium, Phosphorous, Nitrogen…ALL the stuff you wanna know!

  2. I am just now getting nutrient burn and leaves curling up. I am at the stage where the stems are getting woody and stretch marks from LST. Debating if I should flush. I do feed nutrients every 2 weeks. Am I underwatering or to much nutrients?:( want to experiment to find out but im scared of killing my first grow.

  3. I flushed my soil cuz it’s too hot

    Now my plants are almost dealing with over watering

    I might have to transplant back into a drier hot soil

    It’s hot right out the bag all I could get is shit miracle grow regular with slow release

    I been picking fertilizer balls out and I flushed it but damn

    I’m at a loss

  4. This was excellent my leaves are doing this exact same thing likely because I've been feeding it a nutrient medley, so I will flush it with water and cutback the nutrient medley and monitor her progress. Thank you so much for this lesson I will save it for reference. Stay safe and protected during this time of chaos love and light Blessedbe. 🌱🌿🌴🌳#thewisdomisinthetrees

  5. what can i do with fruit flies while flowering they seem to be around my plants and would they hurt my flowers happened after i started nutes what can you recommend i do ive tried various things but seem not to work.please help would hate to destroy my whole crop after all i did and they look good besides that a little burn from nutes no big deal.

  6. Beginner Bill here … noticing something that resembles white hairy fungus on stems that kills the entire stem. WTH is it and how do I treat it? Leaves are fine until the fungus causes the entire stem to wilt and then the stem turns brown from the infected area upward

  7. i have my upper leaves getting yellow on forefront and they hanging, will they recover automaticly when i wait and water them next time without voodoo juice fertilizer only water? or i need to flush them

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