Lecture 23 Physiological and Psychological Effects of CBD and Cannabis

In this lecture I describe the physiological and psychological effects of using cannabis. I spend a little time discussing legalization with some discussion of the …

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  1. Hi Paul

    To my understanding from my studies…
    Antispasmodic = stops spasms
    [Spasms = Muscles that normally aren't an auto spasm muscle [like the heart etc,] that going into spasm, which you have no control over, like twitching & cramping etc.]

    Spasms it may stop:
    Coughing [from bronchial or flu symptoms]
    Cramps [legs at night or other cramping any time of day] [[Usually require magnesium also.]]
    Lower back spasms [which can be very debilitating]
    Eye twitching
    OR other Muscles that may be twitching [in spasm]

    It may help locked muscles as you said, but that's not really the meaning of Antispasmodic. Muscles can lock up from various different reasons … Although, a locked muscle could potentially be caused from a spasm in a preceding muscle, as in a lower back spasm. IF this occurs you can be in a tremendous amount of debilitating pain, even bed bound, as it can also cause pinching of nerves when it twists & turns tightening further and further, all the while pulling on the lumbar section of the spine as it seemingly forever tightens making it impossible for you to even walk to get food or water at times.]

    Lemon essential oil … Is also an Antispasmodic

    I have said for many years now that Lemon & Lavender Essential oils should be kept in the first aid box … For many different reasons. As you probably know Paul, natural meds because of the whole product being used, can be used to treat a myriad of problems/diseases rather than just one or a couple with separated and targeted therapy which for example the pharma companies do when they find something in nature that has a myriad of uses. They break it all apart and try to make many different products out of it rather than use it to be able to treat the myriad of issues. There's NO money in giving a one drug helps all, when they could get you to buy many of their products to treat your many symptoms… The other side of that is, generally the product is all of chemical make up by the time it gets to you, it's no longer natural any more.

    I had my Dr say to me a couple of weeks back "Do you know that most of the drugs of today, were originally found in nature?"
    I said "Yes I have known that for many, many years, but they aren't natural anymore are they, they are chemicals stuck together with fillers which is not natural for our bodies to assimilate, which basically makes them a toxin to our bodies/brain."

    People don't die because they are low in say … Anti-Inflammatory meds like Aspirin, Ibuprofen or Paracetamol, just to name a few people will know well

    People can and do die because they have systemic inflammation within their bodies &/OR are acidic from what they have been ingesting and should be eating/drinking more anti-inflammatory/alkalising foods/drinks, whilst keeping away from all the BAD CHOICE foods/drinks which cause the inflammation &/or acidifying of their body/brain in the first place as well as keeping clear of all the packaged foods/drinks in the isles of your grocery store
    [Packaged foods being full of all you require to become very sick or debilitated in some way or another]
    One example of this would be… No Added MSG on the packet equates to There IS MSG in the product we just don't have to tell you about it because of the rules we are governed by. Since we didn't add MSG as a singular ingredient, we don't need to tell you about it, but it's definitely in the product … IF say, the salt used in making the product contains 95% MSG or less we the product producers, by law don't have to tell you about it OR it may also be in the herbs/spices they put onto the crispy chips you are eating etc.
    Ohhhhh Yessss, which brings me to … Chicken salt
    Always say NO to that on your hot foods at the take away shop…
    It ALWAYS has MSG
    A book you should look at if you think MSG is no big deal is…
    The Taste That Kills by Russell Blaylock It's about Excitotoxins and what they do to your body & brain.
    EVERYONE should read this book
    [I can send a link to anyone who may like to read and electronic copy of it.]

    Do you ever go into essential oils and they can be utilised for? I Love using nature to fight nature. πŸ™‚

    I like all these lectures you have made up, they are all very interesting and informative. While I understand what you are saying, you may want to dumb down {a term I don't like to use} some a little more into normal every day language that everyone can understand, even if it makes the lesson a bit longer it's still a good thing as more people will be able to comprehend what you are saying and you may get more comments/likes also? πŸ™‚

    I'm sure you know of this man … An example of someone who can speak to the masses [everyday person] on a level they can understand is Bruce Lipton He is a wonderful speaker even though he is from the world of Scientists, who we know can seemingly speak another language, he always speaks on a level All can understand. I think that's why so many people adore him and follow all his talks/lectures and such wherever he goes.

    Sorry this ended up wayyyyy longer than I originally planned. πŸ˜‰

    Keep up the great work Paul thumbs up

    Ciao for now … Lee πŸ™‚

    PS: I clicked like and subscribed also πŸ™‚

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