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Priya Mishra aka Hempvati is India’s first female Cannabis activist who is credited for legalization of medical cannabis in India. Not just that, she also got 6 states …


  1. Hi Priya, Hats off to you!! I am a filmmaker and have been trying to get in touch with you regarding a documentary that I am working which is about medical marjuana. I am really hoping to speak with you regarding this. I hope you see this message…I have also left a message on your twitter account and your website.

  2. the main issue with mass support is that, with the stigma of being linked to this you have a chance of losing your employment which is really needed in today's economy

  3. If anyone smokes weed 20 times a day…it's safe and healthy…don't use mobile and don't sat in movies,don't get high on music…have fun with presence,play outdoor games or chess and do work with outside world

  4. Priya ji, NCB detained Jaya saha for providing CBD OIL to actresses Shardha kapoor, Deepika etc.. Is CBD OIL A TREATMENT FOR MEDICAL PROBLEMS OR A DANGEROUS BANNED DRUG ? One out of you two is wrong , whether its NCB or you ??

  5. We are fighting the pharmaceutical industry and its very deep pockets. If ppl were allowed to freely use (and grow) cannabis for their own use big pharma would go bankrupt along with the politicians in their pockets. I do see a light at the end of tunnel as many countries and US states are legalizing but its sad to think of those who are needlessly suffering. Peace n ๐Ÿ’›

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