Legalizing recreational marijuana in the United States

All four states with recreational marijuana on the ballot – New Jersey, Arizona, Montana and South Dakota – voted in favor of it on election night.


  1. In my 50's. Never really could use the stuff much until now (security clearance); I'm retired now. I also have live cancer that was suppose to kill me 3 years ago. If it weren't for my cannabis I'm sure I would be dead today. I stopped going to see doctors because they all said it would make my cancer worse. I don't know if it will continue but for now I have no symptoms and love to eat ; ) WHY WOULD WE CRIMINALIZE SOMETHING THAT HEALS AND MAKES YOU HAPPY????

  2. this is so fake it brings new meaning to fake news racheal maddow wanna be, this is fake projection all anyone has to do is look what states are legal and were they republican or democrat, its the democrats that wanna USE CANNABIS AS TOOL FOR RE ELECTION, IN NEW YORK WERE IM FROM COUMMO HAS BEEN SAYING FOR THREE YEARS HE WOULD LEGALIZE WEED IF RE ELECTED LIES IT NEVER HAPPEN THEY ARE FRAUDS THEY TELL YOU WHAT YOU WANNA HEAR ONLY SO THEY GET YOUR VOTE , democrats are phony frauds they want power over people not power for the people, we the people need prosperity thats not in the democrat party and very little in republican

  3. It’s silly for republicans to attempt using this as a wedge issue. Wedge issues only work if people are relatively evenly divided on it. The public isn’t evenly divided between pro legalization and anti legalization. The pro legalization side has far more popular support to the point where even in very conservative states legalization is a winning issue. I mean it just got legalized in some of the most conservative areas of the country. Hell, Mississippi passed medical. If a state like Mississippi can pass medical by popular vote from the voters then there’s no point standing in opposition to this. Find an actual issue that wins votes, because for republicans their anti pot stance isn’t a vote winner.

  4. Medical use or not, illegal or legal in general marijuna is still bad and will always be bad. Let these good for nothing idiots smoke pot or use marijuna straight down to hell. I never smoked, use drugs, or drank alcohol once in my life. I always criticize my family who did that garbage. Enjoy your 1 way ticket to hell idiotic bastards.

  5. Legalize it. Its ridiculous alcohol, which makes people violent, black out and kill people with their cars is sold on every block, yet this herb is illegal. Let's turn every liquor store into a dispensary and sit back and watch the world become a better place.

  6. Living in Vegas I see it as nothing but a plus. Huge revenue. Less criminals selling it. More people getting harmless effective medication, more people having fun with that instead of being sick the whole next day after drinking. Common sense. Those opposed are closed mined fools.

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