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  1. SBA uploaded a census tract on their website specifically to answer the question what is Low-income community. I believe this is unlawful. There are thousands of people, particulary Self-Employed Uber/Lyft rideshare drivers, whose situations have changed. Let's say an Uber driver got approved for the EIDL $1,000 grant when it first was offered in mid-2020 and the address used on that application is not low-income. Let's say now the Uber driver has had to move due to hardship and is operating under a different address which in fact is low-income and that address is on their State ID. The SBA is not even ASKING people if anything's changed in their situations, which is a COMMON occurance. They are simply DEFAULTING to information that could VERY WELL be old, outdated, stale information. How would the Uber driver in this particular example rectify this issue so he/she can get the remaining $9K that they are entitled to under the low-income address that is on their State ID (not the address on their OLD EIDL application from a year prior)? Thanks.

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