Liberty Haze Cannabis Plant Ready for Harvest ✂️

Liberty Haze Cannabis Plant 25% THC 1.3% CBD “Liberty Haze is a strain created from a crossing of G13 with a fast flowering ChemDawg 91.This strain has …


  1. In theory that sounds good being bigger plants take more energy and better tops come from
    Smaller plants. but the entire plants energy stays the same per inch if that make sense and if anything it’s stronger and makes better buds or stays the same. If you wanna see optimal nutrient intake then grow with magnets 🧲 and structure the water with them using Dan winters water
    Imploded or make your own and you’ll see huge results I’ve seen it and it blew my mind I’ll never grow without a water
    Imploded ever again

  2. I support you and the channel man all the way from NC full on and I respect the grow "quality over quantity"!!! I have some cream soda growing out back but my buds are no where near the size of not even your smallest plant 😅 I can send a pic

  3. Awesome variety. Great shapes. Love the info and format. I actually learned something ,unlike most other videos. Like to hear you talk about tricombes, making ice water hash ,curing ,storing.etc. Subbed . Thanx brother.

  4. Hey James
    Just came across your channel have a few strains going my ak47 is almost ready o harvest deciding if I should flush ? But scared of getting them ripped off
    From southern Ontario here and our weather is getting crappy wouldn't mind talking to you maybe get some pointers for first time grower

  5. Defoliating is another great tip. Not many do it. Absolutely a must, especially in northern regions. As the season progresses, you lose daylight. The more leaves you remove the more light you allow, allowing your plants to continue to thrive rather than strain. Excellent videos and beautiful plants brother. They look tasty!

  6. Northern Michigan here..bud rot EVERY year. Sucks. Wet, cold weather..completely opposite of what you need come harvest time. White widow is notorious with bud rot due to how thick they get. Little harsh WW is but that's expected. Haze strains are nice. Love those banner and gorilla glue. I'm growing amnesia haze, sky high octane, grape white shark, Mack truck and my favorite g-13. So, do you have a preference on what time of day you harvest? I've read that morning is better. Also, do you usually harvest the tops first?

  7. Budrot got me this year I hate harvesting early but I still got 8 outside doing fine I'm sure the weather in Illinois is better than Ontario Canada or California grateful for good weather and prime buds

  8. About ready to start my 3rd grow all indoors . I have five strawberry cough seeds up next , it's a fun hobby . Your plants look great but hope nobody jumps your fence !! Take care !!

  9. I didn't know there was so many different kind, of course I don't know a thing about it, I want to grow some for tinctures, wish do you recommend and how buy seed if available

  10. Wow your the first person that talk about short plants I feel the same way I scrog lil swim pools fill then out in veg n they are 10 inches at harvest I'm subbing come check me out

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