Long-term marijuana use can lead to brain damage, study shows

New research suggests that marijuana use can deteriorate the part of the brain responsible for decision-making. Dr. David Agus joins “CBS This Morning” from …


  1. I started when I was 13, I smoke a lot. If this was true I would have no frontal lobe. I'm successful in my work life, I'm usually more intelligent than my peers, and I don't have any issues with decision making. I have goals and reach them.

  2. I lived in a street with long term heavy pot use, a bohemian neighborhood, a lot of aging hippies. Interestingly I noticed a lot of hoarding in the street, collecting junk, houses full of junk spilling onto street, hoarding can be as a result of brain damage. They also often treated public and other peoples property as their own, damage to frontal (moral, socialized) cortex could result in such self-centered, basically barbaric behavior.
    Not sure this means weed should be illegal but for me does suggest it is not a victimless crime, destroy your brain you destroy your neighborhood too.

  3. My son used it for years. He's now on disability for schizophrenic symptoms. He has delusional thinking. He thinks he is President of the West Coast. I had no idea he used it as a teenager. He is in his 40s now.

  4. I heavely smoked for 5 years. And let mel tell you, that stuff is dangerous for certain individuals. Especially when you have mental health issues. Otherwise, if you are a generaly happy and balanced person, its not that harmful. Alcohol and cigarettes are way worse for your health, in general.

  5. I can contest to the information here. Smoking weed affects decision making. Mow multiply that by 365 to see what it does in a year. Multiply that number by 10 years and you wont be able to make any decisions.

  6. Bro I'm not trying to be a party pooper, but I started smoking at the age of 15. I stopped smoking due to headaches after heavy use. I would get cronik headache , after about 4 blunts. I use to smoke ounces of pot , now my body can't tolerate , not even a small bowl, because I start getting chest pinching, and pokes , .

  7. What about studies on anti depressants benzodiazepines antii psychotic medication mood stabilizers that are prescribed like candy for anxiety depression mental issues?

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