Madeline Makes Tea with Medical Marijuana Leaves

Long Beach medical marijuana patient and advocate Madeline Johnson, talks about how she makes tea with medical marijuana leaves. This process, which …


  1. I tried some of this fan leaf tea and was shocked how well it took my pain away without getting high at all. The best tea is using the fresh leaves right off the plant and into hot water to steep. Or you can use the dried leaves also but it's not as potent.

  2. To people wondering how u make the tea : u get a good cup of cannabis leaves. Boil a pot of water. Throw in leaves. Add a tablespoon of butter to better extract the thc. Boil 30 -45 minutes. Add sugar or honey ๐Ÿฏ and good to go. P. S. I'm not an expert. Also many different recipes out there.

  3. Acidic animal protein causes calcium to leach out of our bones. An alkaline diet from plant foods keeps calcium, a mineral, IN the bones. Contrary to the dairy propaganda and calcium industry spin, we need nothing to prevent fractures, thinning bones, or osteoporosis but a diet that keeps calcium in our bones. Cows, horses, elephants, giraffes, the largest mammals on earth, get their calcium from greens and grains. A whole food plant based diet is far healthier than an acidic, disease causing diet of meat, dairy, animal based food

  4. I got rid of my arthritis with the tea mixed with hemp seed oil.You have to shack the heck out of it before you use it but it worked for me and i haven't done any for over a year now.There is no high to it at all.

  5. Ah, a religious nut who thinks God put 1 plants out of all of them that shouldn't be used to help people live their lives normally. Always good to see you crazed little boys. ::D

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