Make a Coil Pot: Culinary Shoe Pot

ℹ️ About this video I am on the downhill slope of the Ancient Pottery Challenge now, in this video I am coil building a culinary shoe pot. This ancient form of …


  1. I've been following your videos for a year or so and I feel bad because my aunt, who taught me the basics of clay work, has Alzheimer and can't watch it anymore, because I'm sure this one, the way your hands deal with it, would make her smile, or wet her eyes. thanks for it.

  2. I wonder if a sponge or a few paper towels inside during forming would help prevent the problem with the excess water.

    I'm honestly more interested in how it cooks. It looks like a cross between a steamer and a dutch oven.

    Cool video, thanks!

  3. Did some of the duck pots have carvings on them to look like wings? Or have a lid that looks like a duck head? And this is unrelated but have you or can you made or make any clay instruments? A clay flute or something like a bull horn?

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