Making ABV-EVOO Cannabis Oil

per 10g weed or ABV (already been vaped) If using weed that has NOT been vaped you need to de-carb it first which is not covered in this video. Leftover weed …


  1. you didn't water cure your avb 1st?
    i tried a method similar to yours here once & never again LoL i will say the high i got was potent & well worth the effort to tweak the recipe, now i water-cure for 24+ hrs & use raw coconut oil, the taste is vastly improved with no stomach burps n farts

  2. On the real tho i used this method and i ended up with too much oil for my brownie recipe, didnt get to use all the oil for the full effect, but i got hella tired after eating them, my guess is the THC already all been vaped so majority left probs cbd? Anyways i used this guys method and got 14 grams in the pot with 1.5 cups water and 1.5 cups olive oil, didnt know if olive oil was the way to go for heating but aw well. Simmered for 3 hours constant watching and stirring so nothing sticks to bottom, simmered till most of the water evaped. Next time i gotta use less oil/water

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