Making Cannabis Oil, Raw Cannabis Bud to The First Capsules

Here John from MCAS shows how to make cannabis infused oil from start to finish. John uses a simple recipe that can be adapted to your own needs. 100g of …


  1. If approximately 100 grams is used, that is about 3 1/2 ounces. I see you have 100 capsules ready to be filled, but my question is….How many capsules TOTAL do you yield from the amount you used (3 1/2 oz)?
    I am weighing my options for medical reasons. Currently at a dispensary you can purchase 25 capsules (50 mg) for $116! It is TOO expensive to maintain a steady THC intake at that cost. I personally prefer smoking, but I am researching 'How to Make My Own Oil' for a close friend that is fighting cancer & trying to limit the nausea & stimulate an appetite daily. Swallowing is very hard to do, therefore the oil is the best method for intake.
    Thank you for sharing your video ๐Ÿ™‚ And curious the total amount of capsules you would get at the end of this process?

  2. Hey great video have you tried using the isopropyl method with the capsuals if so do they hold the oil once the alcohol had been evaporated. Also what size capsuals u using in this video i be worried as they are gonna ba majorly strong for a starter user ???

  3. I believe this to actually be a great way to get top dollar for low grade flower.
    Buds that you wouldn't normally give a second glance at, being sold as smokable & edible trinkets in shiny packaging for TOP dollars.

  4. I feel like people on that side of the world are like 15 years behind North America and the cannabis industry.i was doing this kinda stuff in highschool. Now dudes having strain weed labs n shit crazy .hope you get it

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