Male VS Female Cannabis Hemp and Signs of Flowering

When growing our Hemp for CBD it is important to know the difference between a male and female plants, both are important for growing and continues cultivar …


  1. The 2 hairs coming out of the bracteole,are called stigmas,short for stigmatic papillaes the pollen travels between them down to the Corolla and calyx where its pollination takes place the calyx is connected to the Corolla,its a un fertile seed that won鈥檛 grow intill pollination takes place just saying,Bob hope 20 years cannabis studies till struck down with brain damage and losing ability to walk would,like to make a full grow series to help disabled ppl in need of high quality for pain purposes only of course this coming September 1st 2021 stay safe

  2. This was the best video on male plants. Clear details clear video and both female and male comparison. Straight to the point . Thanks for the video now I鈥檓 goin to kill my 2 male runtz plants and cry lol

  3. Hi there.
    I just found out that one of my plant is a male so I will move it to another room… But if there is not true purpose of this male plant (because I am cloning females), should I discard my male plant?

    Just trying to figure out the Male's purpose, if I am not trying to pollinate for seeds bc I am cloning…

    Thank you

  4. 7th video in a row i watched from 7 different dudes that still had no close-ups pausing with clarity and holding the shot for at least 30 seconds, nice video though even thought i still don't see what the females really start out as.

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