Man used c to treat cancer speaks on Amendment 2 choice

A man from Southwest Florida used cannabis oil to treat cancer speaks on Amendment 2 choice. Amendment 2 will allow more Southwest Florida residents …


  1. It's time for all of us to have it as a season in food I'm only scared if it's concentrate an if kids take my last joint it cured cancer prevents cancer an cigarettes are legal arnt u scared if kids get cigarettes I am chemo surgeon general who can pay that I seen a 40 year old man look 70 strong man couldn't afford treatment

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  6. forever grateful. I am here to testify about my life.

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  11. I was given 3 months to live in 2013 I used cannabis oil and cancer was gone in 6 weeks . it's now 2020….it's all about big pharmacy companies why it's not in use as the cure for cancer that it most definitely is

  12. It might be illegal but there's so much weed around it's not even funny. It's the states that are losing out on the tax revenue by keeping it illegal. People are going to have their weed. No matter what. It's that simple.

  13. I think it wont become legal or else people like me will make up medical conditions just to smoke it. also many pharma companies wont allow it .

  14. What if the kids get some marijuana? What happens when they get your cigarettes, alcohol, and big pharma drugs? What do you do about them? Too many have died from them. How many people have died from marijuana? Zero! Ever! So how dangerous is marijuana then? A lot of us know this is all about the money they will lose if marijuana is legal

  15. There is to many people worrying about other people and there habits. Teach your kids right and wrong and they will not or will do what they set out to do . Don’t blame others for the mistakes of your own . Stupid is as stupid taught.

  16. Oct 17 Canada goes Cannabis friendly . I wish Rick Simpson comes back to Nova Scotia to push all he research to more people.
    I think he is having a ball in Croatia last time I looked. Everyone should have a bottle of RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) in there medical cabinet!

  17. Cannabis Is Created by God.This plant is blessing.For those who sufer.Not only for to get high but to healp against sickness.Question is will you take paracetamol against temperature?Will you use Cannabis agains Parkinson,nosea,chancer,…and many many different ilnes…is up to ewery one.Im for legalization..Alkohol Is also legal ,is not mean that ewery one get drunk…..or ewery one start smoke Tabasco yous becose thay sell..

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  19. Pharmaceutical companies will do everything to stop this miracle plant to get legal. Misleading the mind of the innocent people using the media. Even myself got mislead so much that I hated this plant growing up until one day I watch the documentaries of Rick Simpson and it opened up my mind so much and it makes me watch all the documentaries from other people that experienced healing because of this miracle plant. Keep using it for medicinal reason not to get high though. 👍🏼

  20. Isn't it insane how readily people will accept poison as a cancer treatment but spend fucking YEARS AND YEARS endlessly debating the safety and effectiveness of weed? And as far as kids getting hold of it, maybe just talk to your fucking kids and educate them and don't feed them bullshit?  Maybe they'll actually respect you and listen to your words.  How would this be any different than telling your kids not to mess around with pharmaceuticals or even alcohol? People don't seem to bat a fucking eye when bud light has their hilarious commercials glorifying the fun side of alcohol.  Oh no, that's fine no need to outlaw that deadly drug.  Let's just demonize weed and act like 3 year olds when talking about it.  Keep sucking down your government approved poison.

  21. We need scientific studies using RSO and other popular marijuana extracts with terminally ill volunteers. After the results are in the whole world can see and move forward using the data. Right now many people and communities laugh at the idea that anything nonchemical based can help people.

  22. Now there's distilled, no solvent, 95% pure THC. No carcinogens and no side effects! Timeless is the brand name that is the cleanest and the best. Vaporize instead of smoking! My husband uses it for bone spur pain and back pain. Its nice to know he has protection from cancer at the same time.

  23. Geeezuuus, when are people going to understand the benefits of marijuana? It infuriating to me that liquor is legal and accessible everywhere you turn your head. Its legal to buy aa much as u want and drink yourself to death. Alcohol is dangerous and has horrible side effects and most of the people against marijuana are drinkers. The pharmaceutical companies are killing us with antidepressants, pain meds etc… don't want to make marijuana legal because of all the money they will lose. . Well fuck them, opiates almost killed me and didn't even help the pain that much. I went cold turkey off of them 3 years ago in July. I've been trying to find a medicinal Dr for a while and it is legal medicinally here in New Jersey.

  24. After 20+yrs of chronic pain and suffering from DDD (degenerative disc disease), I am getting relief. I have been a marijuana smoker for 45 yrs now. I like the taste of the smoke. I have tried all kinds and flavors. The issue of CBD'S has come to the forefront. Using the lotion for my hands, arthritis and osteoporosis in both, IT WORKS!!! When Nevada passed the Medical Marijuana issue so I got my card. The CBD s in the lotions really helped the pain levels. The CBD helped me to be able to get around the house.

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