Marijuana: A Cure for Cancer?

Thom Hartmann shares about scientists in England reporting what could be a significant breakthrough in the treatment of all forms of cancer. If you liked this clip …


  1. Honestly if you're pissed about cancer patients smoking pot you really have to think about your priorities. Is this really what you're concerned about? You're so petty you want to take a joint away from someone who's suffering from and maybe even dying of cancer? Are you serious? You really have a problem with cancer patients getting high? Having a tumor growing inside you doesn't entitle you to get stoned when you want to? This is honestly what you spend your time thinking about? You don''t have anything better to focus your time and energy on?

  2. from what I've seen (on the internet, lol), the best benefits are received by consuming the unheated oil of the pot plant.  heating the plant (smoking it)  damages some of the healing agents.

  3. This would be the same prestigious University of East Anglia where Professor Paul Dobson, head of the business school, produced his paper on behalf of the secretive British Brands Group, which argued against the introduction of plain packaging for tobacco products in 2012. Or where Tamas Dalmay and his colleagues work directly on projects for the Tobacco industry. The university in Norfolk, Anglia, where there are major tobacco companies located, with links to that University? Well a trustworthy source indeed.

    In fact, much of the recent research claiming the wonder drug qualities have been financed by tobacco companies, who would love to add this product to their line. One of the major carcinogens in tobacco is tar, which is in signifcantly higher levels in joints of marijuana.

    I notice some people arguing about being liberal and left wing here. One of the major problems with the left is that at a time when people in the richest country in the world are going hungry and working like slaves there is a tendency by those with enough time and enough to eat to claim that marijuana legalisation should be the main focus of the political attention.

    I'm not saying it shouldn't be legalised, but that should be because prohibition isn't working and with complete honesty that it is a harmful drug; people may then choose to do harm to themselves if they wish to. It shouldn't have the same source claiming it is some form of health food as claimed the same of their tobacco product in the 1950s. In fact all drugs should be legalised, but people should also be fully educated about the harm.  That way if you're stupid enough to take crack cocaine your first port of call should be medical help in the way you would if you'd accidentally taken poison.

    Also, it has to be said, that if marijuana being illegal is what you believe to be the central issue in this dis-functional unequal society, you must either be extremely high, or totally addicted.  I shall leave that there, I know marijuana is linked to schizophrenic functioning and paranoia; I'm sure some of you none addicted and still intellectually capable potheads will want to through poo at me for not praising your drug of choice. Fling away!

  4. DHS (or DEA- they had it last I heard) hold the patents as Thom stated.
    This has sequestered any study and research that can be done in this country. The recent advances should have been made decades ago but for the drug war profiteers who have worked in coordinated fashion to suppress that research.
    Think how many people suffered, how many people have had to watch loved ones suffer, so that big pharma and lobbyists could get filthy rich. Think about it… because their hands are dirty as hell.

  5. It says nothing about recreational use which is a propagation of a poison plant.

    Medical cancer treatment needs the approval of FDA and is prescription only.

    Cancer cannot be treated with simply getting high.  That's unscientific.

    Finally, this propaganda can potentially mislead people with cancer to get the wrong treatment.

    Just stop thom!

  6. I am really happy that on at least two states, they don't put people in cages any more just for possessing pot. State by state, rational policies toward weed are being implemented, rarely by legislators who are at the end of the day politicos who will never take a position on any issue that might cost them contributions or votes. Rather, this will happen through the initiative process.
    On the federal level, weed will be decriminalized when hell freezes over. There are too many people making too much money from it being illegal and they have exerting influence over legislators down to a fine science.

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